1. Carla072078

    I’m a globe user but when smart launches their netphone, I cant resist to have one for me. Android phone in a very affordable price. I’m loving it and enjoying every minute of using my netphone

    • that’s weird. when you’re on the m.globe.ph link that’t the portal but if you click on the services you’ll be asked your number. then you’ll receive a text with the confirmation link.  accessing the link will then bring you to the login page.

      • rye

        and also when you click on the link for Facebook and Twitter the browser didn’t load the page. I don’t know why because i tried all of my browsers on my HTC Desire but they don’t work still. But when I loaded 30 pesos, they respond but very very slow. Also when i used the widget and verify my number, no message was sent to me to provide the code or whatever that is. It sucks really!

        • Thanks for the feedback.  I have been hearing complaints on the speed. And some can’t seem to get in. Be warned that you’ll be charged the normal rate if you access FB and Twitter. It’s only free if you access via myGlobe Connect 

  2. Oh, I hate Globe! The connection download speed of my Tattoo USB stick 3G has gone down to 9KB/s and it seems it’s getting to be permanent.

    I experienced it 3 days ago and the CSRs said there is no problem in my area, meaning, this will be the norm!  Before that, I could get 45-100KB/s. I bet the free Facebook access to the masses is what causing this.

    Good thing, I got the stick unlocked! Smart is fast and has saved my surfing life!

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