1. hello. N9 user here. got mine free from Smart, still i should have waited a little more for the galaxy note. i’m also a happy N8 user and that’s mainly the reason i got myself an N9. i love the widescreen of N9 and its brilliant colors. picture quality of the camera is good. comparable to my sony tx5, sometimes even better. my complaints are the ff: loudspeaker not as loud as my N8, front facing camera is useless, can’t play flash supported videos (major disappointment, i thought only apple has that problem) and i charged it everyday (but i guess that’s normal for a smartphone).

    my 2nd reason for getting the N9 is the wifi hotspot. connecting my ipad, laptop and netbook is smooth, i can even connect all at the same time. i’m taking full advantage of the unli-data plan. my N8 also has joikuspot but i have to get the paid version if i want to secure it with a password.

    it’s a great phone and such a looker. i once placed it beside a black iphone 4s and personally, i thought the N9 looked more elegant and high end. i just wish nokia updates the phone so it can play flash and i can take pictures or video and video call using the front facing camera. because for now, its only purpose is to use it as a mirror using the “simple mirror” app.

    oh yah, more meego apps please. i love cosmopolitan phil app. yugatech have as well, hope you will have one soon. 😉

  2. It is very cute. And the battery life sounds very impressive. Maybe I’ll stop referring to my friend’s Nokia cell as “NoNo” after this review. On second thought, I’ll wait til he gets the N9 before I stop teasing him.

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