1. Blupyre

    Hello, I’ve been searching the net for a great PDF reader device for students. I’ve come across Samsung galaxy s2, samsung galaxy note and ipad2. I was wondering if you can suggest the best device for reading pdfs on the go in terms of battery life and functionality on a single charge. Thank you very much! 

  2. KnoWhoIAm

    hey man GREAT review you got here! i was thinking how much this phone is by now cause i am in some way lost (laughs) some say it’s 29k, 32k and the lowest in widget city it’s 23k kinda lost need help :DD

  3. serenity

    Sir, follow up po for my question about using this device as an ebook reader? ok po ba? anyone can answer din po. Thank you very much!

  4. serenity

    Sir, Thank you for the wonderful blog, it’s helps me a lot when I decided to buy something. This time, I’m saving for galaxy note, May I ask if this device good in reading an ebook? I like to read. Thank you very much and please keep going. 

  5. I’ve always had problems with smaller smartphone screen that needs panning and scrolling whenever i use the browser. Galaxy Note certainly solves this problem coz the 5.3″ display is damn big! I also find that the S-Pen feature is a huge plus point. Definitely gonna get one soon.

  6. Fotolocco

    Samsung Note was introduced here early Q4 last year. I waited for the third iteration of the iPad but when I tried it, there was no magic at all. I then gave the Note a chance. And voila! I loved the device. I bought it right after I tested it. Battery life is gorgeous. Performance is orgasmic…

  7. CallMePhoneBuyer

    Thanks for the review.  Have read a lot of similar reviews and watched various videos on how Samsung Galaxy Note fairs with other top-of-the-line devices.  In 20 days I must say I WILL have this.  Bye iPhone 4S; gotta go for the Note.  Lol!

  8. Sa lahat ng naka sulat ang pinakaayaw ko ay ung price LOL! Yan ang mahirap kapag techy student ehh.. Gustuhin ko man magkaroon hanggang tingin na lang wahahahaha.. I’ll post and tweet this review! :)))))))

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