1. Nice review, i’m planning to buy headphones but its so hard for me to decide if this pop headphones or this Meizu HD50 Headphone https://www.goods.ph/original-meizu-hd50-headphones-adjustable-hifi-stereo-metal-headset-with-mic-aluminium-alloy-shell-for-music-25871.html what do you think guys? which one is better?

  2. nada

    Aesthetically good. But mic doesn’t function on a PC. only with cellphones. So when you try to use it in Skype, you can only hear the other line but your mic wont work.

  3. purple_haze

    @Le Bob I totally agree. I don’t feel the “sparkle” of the cymbals, the guitar sounds gets drowned by the heavy bass. Soundstage and imaging is so-so. I can only use these cans for my pang-harabas days, or when I’m listening to Pop or EDM like what you mentioned.

  4. I used to own Pop and Knock and they just lasted for a more or less a year. True that they have great sound quality but the durability is meh. And yup, Knock’s pads do tear easily.

  5. hlldrk

    While I was quite satisfied with how “the Pop” sounded, the pair I bought only lasted me a year. Only one bud works now and the sound comes out muffled. I’m still considering whether I should repurchase one or if I should move on to another brand.

  6. Le Bob

    The Pop has a very strong bass, while this makes it a good in-ears for electronic dance music (EDM) or pop music, it is not good for any other music types. The sound is too muddied for rock, you don’t feel the guitars, even the cymbals do not shimer in these in-ears, in other music types where the vocals are more present, the Pop gets them all muddied up with the really boomy and bloated bass. 
    Though these are aesthetically okay, the comfort and sound is below average. IMHO it is. 🙂

    these are not comfortable, the tube is just too short to fit in my ear, even the eartips are not that good.

  7. miko

    hello good day to all of you! i wanna ask if where can i repair my pop headphone ….because it is not working normally when im connecting it to my gadgets.. its like grounded sound and not normal….im leaving here in manila …thank you hope you can give me an advice! thnks 😀

    • John

      Try. Using a neutral plug, it’s basically a 3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter which kills the functionality of the mic, kase di lahat ng gadgets ay compatible sa earphones or headphones na may mic. Try mo sa hardware, handyman might have some. Naging problem ko din yan eh kala ko sira na yung earphones ko but luckily I have an adapter that came with the Marshall Major that I may also recommend on buying. Slightly expensive at 4700-5450 pesos, great quality. Medyo biased ata kasi musician ako, and marshall is a famous and best brand of amplifiers. So yeah parang may maliit kang marshall ampli sa ears mo.

    • Bri

      The Pop has a nice aesthetic look but after a purchasing some for myself I realized that the headphones only look nice but truly the WORST headphones ever owned. They are painful to use and fall out of your ears every minute. I believe the flaw is that the cord is much heavier than the in ear component causin it to constantly yank it from your ear. Throwing my headphones in the trash !

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