1. rusu

    frens plz help i bought this phone recently..it suddenly became hang and then i switched it off..i again switched it on it displayed alcatel one touched and didnt open…plz plz plz help me

  2. Swashu

    Mas mukhang matibay nga ito compared sa other phones. Medyo mahal nga pero sure naman sa quality. Compared sa camera na same 5 mp lang to other CM/MP/SM phones, mas okay ang quality niya, very clear talaga, talo pa siguro mga 8 mp which shows na sulit lang talaga ang bayad mo dito. Opinion lang. No hard feelings.

  3. Cruzer

    i like your review.. about this phone,i notice there is no GPU mention in this review or 3d game test like few of your review… so i assume it has no GPU.. am i right?  or it has GPU but you forget to mention it.. so, my question is, it is really can play temple run 3d with this phone like the previous comment or yes it can run but sluggish,lag and irritating? im actually interested to buy this phone based on its price,and some of the hardware spec but the no-GPU thing make me think twice.. can u confirm it has no GPU? thanks

  4. Jaedi

    It’s okay if it has this price, at least it’s selling a premium-quality phone. I had an Android-powered MyPhone, and it only lasted for five months even if I took care of it so well, no scratches, no drops, and not even a press-down moment with it. I mean the price of this Alcatel only goes so well with the specs. And having locally-branded China-made phones are darn too good to be true with every feature thrown into it at a cheap price. I’d rather choose this.

  5. BoyTama

    Talo sa specs ng lenovo p700i, dapat nasa 7-8k lang ito… Talo sa specs at pricing ng cherry flare. Tae ang alcatel ngayon… Dapat competive ang specs nila lenovo sa presong yan. Ala kwenta ma bosing nyo.

  6. I could get a dual core ppwered phone with its price point. Lenovo P700i is a perfect choice. Local brands like Cherry Mobile Flare and MyPhone A898 are the best value for money dual core phones out there.

      • Heart

         Well as this blog says, it really boils down to taste and price. I personally prefer this brand over local and china brands like Cherry and MyPhone because obviously this brand exudes more beauty and is more capable of performing. I personally had a hands on experience w/Myphone and cherry and just by looking at it I can tell that it won’t last in the long-run. Personally prefer global brands because you know the quality is there, Alcatel is Euro Standard FYI – which is not present with other China assembled phones like MP, Cherry, Lenovo, etc.

        Personal opinion. My tastes and price budget is definitely for this. I currently own one and I am really enjoying. Glad we share the same thoughts Technobaboy.

        • misterandroidlabalaba

          assumption lang mo yan pre na hindi tatagal mga local rebrand androids. etong back up na cherry na pinapagamit ko sa mga katulong mahigit 2 taon na ayus pa naman. araw2x tinatawagan at tinitext, fm tuner at games.

          ika nga, we pay premium prices for established brands pero ala kwenta yun pag ok naman yung mga nabibili na mga “china phones” at sobrang mura pa.

          pero ofcourse lam natin talamak talaga ang mga alang kwentang produkto galing china pero minsan meron namanng produktong ayos quality nya.

          • Swashu

            Yes, yes. misterandroid is right. But I think what both of you want to convey is that people are buying (if they’re not really dumb) globally branded phones to have a sense of security with regards to their product/s. As we all know, they are really trusted brands that cater the very needs of customers, unlike china brands. I can relate to this since I’d tried buying shoes, fake ones, and guess what, mas madaling masira talaga compared sa branded, original ones. Same goes true with android phones. If you just can afford to buy premium quality, then go for it, otherwise, settle for cheaper-priced commodities, just consider the consequences of that act.

  7. For most Filipinos siguro it would really boils down to the price. CM Flare and Titan nalang much capable and inexpensive phones. I just don’t think this would be a wise buy you can even purchased XPERIA U sa black market worth less than this Overpriced and outdated specs Alcatel 993D phone

    • George Santiago

       Tol, borlogs naman hitsure ng cherry flare at titan, heavy sa specs pero mukhang panget resolution. Di ko maxado feel yung Cherry na ICS. Parang dali masira.

      I lyk and prefer this phone than the Cm flare and titan. Juz saying

        • technologybrainiac

          Mga walang pambili lang nito ang mga tulad mo kaya mas nanaisin mo pa ang low quality rebranded china phone…. In terms of company and brand quality alcatel comes a long way, di tulad ng china phone na cherry na yan…mura nga madaling masira naman. Poor built!

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