Alcatel has been relatively quiet in the past couple of years. Although we know that the company’s still alive and kicking from the release of a few handsets, it did not make waves in the mobile phone scene, not even a ripple.  With the new products from the company, though, it appears that Alcatel is trying its best to be somehow relevant, if not anywhere in the world, at least in the Philippines.  I had the chance to review the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Android phone and I was genuinely surprised at how good the phone is considering its price. The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N is a budget phone with a P5,990 price tag and at this price level, it competes directly with the Samsung Galaxy Y.  How does the Alcatel fare against its closest competition? Read on to find out.

 Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Specifications

  • 3.2 capacitive HVGA screen with 320X480 pixels
  • TFT 262K color display
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • 650Mhz processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • Internal memory 2GB (150MB usable), expandable up to 32GB via microSD
  • 3-megapixel camera
  • 3G, Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP
  • G-Sensor
  • A-GPS, Proximity Sensor, e-Compass
  • HSPA 7.2 Mbps
  • Lithium 1300 mAh battery

Hardware, Design

The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N is one solid phone.  The materials used are sturdy and you feel a little heft when you hold it in your hand.  The unit I reviewed has the aubergine color, which is simply differentiated from the black version by silver accents and a brownish back cover.  Between the aubergine version and the black version, I like the latter better.

The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N has piano black side trimming while the back cover has a rubbery finish that prevents the phone from accidentally slipping from your hand. The bottom front of the phone hosts three capacitive buttons which are Menu, Search and Back buttons, and below them is the physical, clickable Home button.  On the right side are the volume rocker and the power button, while on the left side is the micro USB slot for charging and connecting to PC.  At the top of the phone is the 3.5mm earphone slot, while at the back are the camera and the speaker grille.


The Blaze Glory 918N sports a 650MHz processor but believe me, it doesn’t feel slow.  It has a 3 megapixel back camera but sadly it doesn’t have flash.  It also doesn’t have a front camera.  But for the price of this handset, I can manage without the flash or the front-facing camera.  In terms of connectivity options, Alcatel did not skimp.  It has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, and even HSPA.  A2DP in Bluetooth is a nice feature as it allows you to use a Bluetooth headset for audio playback.

One of the star features of the Blaze Glory 918N is arguably the screen.  The screen of this handset is sharp considering the price, and honestly, it’s as sharp as the screen on the Smart Netphone 701.  The colors are nice too and it has decent viewing angles.

The difference in display quality between the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N and the Samsung Galaxy Y is huge.  The Blaze Glory features a 3.2-inch screen with 320×480 pixel resolution, while the Galaxy Y has a 3-inch screen with a lower 240×320 pixel resolution.  While I was frustrated with the screen of the Galaxy Y, I was surprised at how good the screen of the Blaze Glory is.  It’s sharper, has better color reproduction, and has better viewing angles.  If the screen on the Galaxy Y sort of kills the user experience, the Blaze Glory’s screen enhances it.  Here is the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N beside the Samsung Galaxy Y.


And here is the Blaze Glory beside an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Of course the other thing that sets the Blaze Glory apart is the dual-SIM, dual standby feature.  For the price of this handset, a dual-SIM functionality is a really just a bonus.  The dual-SIM feature works well on this phone and I expect users with multiple SIMs to find this highly useful.

Performance, Camera

Compared with the Samsung Galaxy Y, the Blaze Glory 918N feels snappier and faster.  The slower performance of the Galaxy Y could be blamed on the TouchWiz skin, but I can’t be really sure.  In my experience using both phones, I was more satisfied with the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N.  The screen is more responsive and the apps load faster.  Don’t expect a smooth experience on graphics-heavy apps though as sometimes the screen stutters.  But for basic games and applications, the Blaze Glory is quick and responsive.

The battery life of the Blaze Glory 918N will suffice if you are not big on browsing or playing multimedia.  If you regularly do these stuff though, the phone’s 1300 mAh battery will not last you the whole day.  But if you only browse occasionally and play some MP3s or maybe short videos, the battery will get you a little farther.

The Blaze Glory has a decent camera.  Its 3-megapixel sensor is much better than the 2-megapixel sensor on the Galaxy Y.  On the Galaxy Y you get practically useless shots with ultra-low contrast and low sharpness level.  Photos taken by the Blaze Glory are much better and just right for the price range.  I will update this post with sample shots from the Blaze Glory.


The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N is a bang for buck handset.  It’s retails at only P5,990 but for this price you get a nice 3.2-inch screen, dual-SIM functionality, 3G and HSPA, a 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, and of course Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  You normally don’t get these features on an Android phone with this price.  The phone’s solid construction belies this phone’s price and if there’s any trade-off I see, it’s the 650MHz processor, which I don’t find insufficient.  In terms of performance, this processor surprisingly gives you a snappy interface and a decent speed in loading and using apps.

Considering that the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N has the same price as the Samsung Galaxy Y, it’s but natural to compare the two handsets.  I was able to use both and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Blaze Glory easily wins over the Galaxy Y.  The display is the main point of comparison and its where the Galaxy Y falters and the Blaze Glory shines.  The Blaze Glory also leads the Galaxy Y in terms of overall features, and although the Blaze Glory has a slower processor, it’s not slower in performance.  If camera quality is important to you, the Blaze Glory delivers better photos so there’s no contest when it comes to this.

Rating: 8.3/10


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  1. is the phone memory can be upgraded??? please inform me. thanks :D

  2. too many pattern attempts.. hinahanapan ako ng ng username at password,,  ienter ko ayaw naman..pls. help..

  3. ask q lng po bkt downlod error n pg mg dl ako now.lmited lng pwd idl?e ngpalit nko ng sd naging 8gb n.nag stop n dn po ako ng ibang apps.pls help!!thanx

    • hanapin mo sa /mnt
      tapos ilipat mo sa /sd.
      kung ibabalik mo ang shutter sound, ilipat mo unlit mula sa /sd.

  4. Can any dude  share to us if  this unit has a built-in equalizer? example… equalizer settings like rock, base, classical, jazz, flat, heavy base…etc.

    Has anyone tried here an mp3 with its album art? Does it work dude?

  5. Hi all, having problems with ym, it doesnt allow me to make calls, the error message says i need to install a plug in, tried doing it but its not working, anyone here who can help me? Thanks in advance

  6. hi po as ko lng pano i root itong alcatel?d po b mavo void ang warranty?nkasun postpaid po ako,kc tlgang d mkpag dl at ma store s sd card mga apps…pls help,thanx..

    • mavo-void po… so dapat restore mo ulit sa stock rom… something like that

  7. Pano paganahin yung vibration ng Message notification? Sa call lang merong vibration, and pano palitan yung message tone… Thanks! Pakisagot na lang sa mga nakakaalam

    • sakin.. gumagana… press volume down till mag show ung “ringer” 

      pero kung ang sinasabi mo vibrate + tone. IDk hehe

  8. Don’t ever buy alcatel products after sales here in the philippines is very poor. 

  9. i just bought alcatel glory 918n sa robinson ermita for onlt P4,990 , on sale sila

    • yes… i installed viber before.. its working…
      but when i installed custom rom… its not working anymore>>>

      so if youre using stock rom… definitely itll work

  10. bakit hindi ako makpag surf even connected na sa wi-fi. sabi sa manual even walang sim kung connected sa wi-fi pede ng mar surf

    btw yun device ko ay yun device from sun postpaid alacatel 918n glory

    • wag mo gamitin ung postpaid sim mo kasi bka kala mo nka wifi ka un pla nachacharge n seo.. use other SUN sim(prepaid) then text ACTIVATE 2300 after 24-48 hours activated n internet mo pwde k ng makaconnect sa wifi..

      • thnaks velle

        ang sabi hindi daw maconfigure yun handset at pinatatawag ako sa 200. kapag dial namn yun 200 ayaw mag connect?!!!

        • by default.. ini-o-OFF nila ung internet connection via gprs… pero pde mo i on un.. un e kung handa kng mgcharge

  11. Superedward1 Reply

    how to fix my message display they are not in conversational  order

  12. They have a sale right now am I right?…and the Alcatel blaze glory price down to 5,290php until Sept 16, 2012?…im Gonna buy one 2morow ^^

  13. my husband got this alcatel glory a few weeks ago, i just want to know how to send music via bluetooth from this phone to another phone. tnx

  14. I got my phone exactly 1 week ago. This phone is really nice. My only problem is that the SHUTTER SOUND is so annoying. Halatado agad na nagpipicture ka kasi lakas ng tunog. hehehe…di po ba na-ooff un? tsk ung inbox nya iisa lang e dual sim to. tlga po bang ganito xa magksama lang mga msgs mo for the 2 sims? tska di po ba pwedeng mag assign ng msg alert tone?nung itry ko kasi nakapagaassign lang ako ng phone ringtone pero ung msg alert tone di ko makita. ang nakita ko lang na pwedeng pagpilian sa msg alert tone ung mga nakainstall na sa phone dati pa pero di ko makita option na pwedeng mamili ng tone from ur music player. Di ko pa kasi siya masyadong gamay. Sana may sumagot po! Thanks in advance! (^_^)

    • Download ka GO SMS PRO. Papatong sya sa existing SMS mo para pwde ka magassign msg tone at style ng SMS app (GO SMS PRO may sariling pindutan sa default msg app)

  15.  panu po bng gawin mong storage ang sd?? kc d ako mkpag dl ng mga apps

      • Rieseschalafender Reply

        I think my problem is related to this one, I had 8gb sd card but everytime I download apps it says insufficient sd card but when I checked  the SD Card and phobe storage the available space is still 6.72GB, I already moved the apps to sc card from phone and still the same I cant download apps…please  anyone????????????

        • you need to root  your phone.. (google it)

          othen after rooting u may try installing custom rom…
          maliit lng kc internal memory neto.. kea limited lng pde.. kea kht gano p kalaki memory card mo. walang silbi…

          u may use.. link2sd, app2sd and the like

          • to add some info regarding micro sd card is that u can store and save all your pics and videos sa sd card kasi un po ang default  saving place kung saan ise save ng phone once u take pics or vids.

  16. prblmko lng s alcatel kn laging low memry kht nsa sdcard n mga downloads.pno 2? tnx s help in advance

  17. bakt laging low ung internal memory ko .. d tuloy ako mkpag dl ng app

  18. Christopher M. Muan Reply

    How do i turn off camera shutter sound for alcatel 918n?? nakakairita po kc xxD

      • download file explorer den open den go to system den media den audio..hanapin mo ung file para sa camera shutter sound then delete it..

        • Juvy_cocharo Reply

           anong file explorer dapat e. download kc nka dl ako d ko nman mahanap un file for camera… :( tanx po

          • Rieseschlafender Reply

            yes already did that but it didnt worked…”error” access was denied 

            • dapat po rooted phone mo para madelet mo ung mga files sa phone mo… lalo n ung system files.

          • Tama si tughs. Kaso nakalimutan niya banggitin na dapat rooted ang phone :D

  19. Cloudsire11 Reply

    sorry novice po, paano po ako makapag download sa android market?pre installed application na po ba sya after I but the phone?pls help thanks :)

    • technobaboy Reply

      Yes kasama na access sa Google Play.  There should be a pre-installed app for that.

  20. wala bang available na may secondary camera? mas prefer ko yun ehh..

  21. applications from internal memory can be transferred to sd card. just go to settings>applications>manage applications>click the application then click move to memory card if it was saved on phone memory…

      • hndi lahat ng apps pde ilipat sa sd… kea ung iba WALANG option na “move to sd”

        but if rooted n phone mo plus install third party app. pde mo ng imove at idelete ung ibng pre-installed app n ayaw mo

        • pag na delete na ung mga system apps po…pde ba ibalik ulit sa original state ung phone ?

  22. hi,
    if i take a picture, can i attach it in an email using wifi (thru the celfon)?  yung sa corby kc ay nde raw pde makapag-attach sa email.  kelangan ko ng celfon na makapag attach ng picture sa wifi email.  tenks!!!

  23. mga ka-unit, pa’no ko ba ma-install ang skype at ym?. maraming salamat po

  24. Yan ang phone ko almost 3 months na maganda siya kaso sa  totoo lang liit ng internal memory niya puno na nga di tuloy ako makapag download ng iba pang apps…daya nga eh may front cam siya kaso disable ni alcatel nalaman ko may cam siya kase bago ako bumili nag check ako sa mga forum then nung tinanong ko yung sales lady sa megamall meron daw talagang front cam ito kaso nga daw may inilabas sila new phone na may front cam oh diba maka benta lang pero may mga nabasa ako pwede mo i-enable eh kaso di ko pa nattry at natatakot ako masira phone ko aheheheh….madali siya malowbat pag naka wifi ka, tapos ang weird pag nag aabang ako mrt ako nag rerestart yung cp ko mag isa yung auto restart ng phone ko naka set ng 7am pero pag mga 6pm pag nasa mrt ako namamatay siya….shutter ng camera hindi siya madisable maingay siya kaya if gusto mo kumuha ng picture na stolen di mahahalata ka ahehehe…yung white maganda ang case kaso yung likod hindi rubberized kaya mas maganda pa rin ang black na case…

    sana makatulong yung comment ko kung bibili kayo ng phone na ito :)

  25. can i ask how can i uninstall some of the pre installed apps that i am not using it just eat a lot of my internal memory causing hard time downloading other apps cause you cannot add aditional apps if you dont have enough internal memory even you have a lot memory left in your sd card….. thanks for any reply

    •  yan din problem ko today…pag nagawaan ko ng paraan ito share ko sa inyo if paano :)

      • Rieseschlafender Reply

        how to delete unwanted files?where specific icon will i opne to delete unwanted files? im afraid to delete files that i dont undertasd completely

  26. its better than galaxy y and battery life is longer than Lg and no lag ,but the internal memory is small cant save many apps , wish all the apps are movable to sd..

    • d bili k nlng po ng memory card n malaki… para la problema dba?…

    • @3d1e64d18cac38dabdbb5a5417b9f888:disqus u can move apps to sd but u need to root your phone first..

      @1ebbc707f18e842a6b5b29b7a32521e6:disqus  useless lng khit gano pa kalaki ung sd mo.. kc initially sa phone memory ininstall lhat ng apps… unless may link2sd or app2sd ka

  27. Orionartthemes Reply

    your comparison is has come to my decision to choose  the glory. thanx a lot.

  28. nagpa renew ako sa sun plan ko kahapon at eto yong kinuha kong unit. maganda yong resolution niya kaso ang daming apps na nka installed. tanong ko lang pano ba to ma uninstall? di ko rin po alam yong rooting na yan hehe… atsaka nka download na ako ng GO apps super nice….

    • rooting is somewhat similar sa jail breaking ng iphone. google mo lng.. if youre a member of symbianize (pde b magpost ng site dito?) meron don

      easy way.. google mo nlng

  29. cheapest android nga eh dont expect naghahang up..

  30. Clarel Clark Morales Banguis Reply

    In my opinion, much better kung LG Optimus L3 na lang. Same Price. with 800MHz Processor compare to this with 650MHz Processor only.

    • speed difference lies in the chipset used by alcatel .this is mtk6373 – per diferent android forums this is a fast chipset

  31. imrenzariell Reply

    @TechnoBaboy:disqus  pwede po ba ang screen shot dito? ur answer will help me :D thanks in advance :)

  32. Gabriel Royo Jr. Reply

    Php 5,990? Kung may ganun akong pera dadagdagan ko nalang. Php 6,500~6,000 ang price ng Xperia Mini which is 1GHz processor, 5MP Camera and 512MB RAM.

    Just sharing my opinion.

  33. I have to solve one problem before buying this. Saan makakabili ng hard case for protection? At paano kung sakaling masira ang charger o battery, can I find cheap replacements?

  34. just wanna ask how to install new apps using the SD Card… I have an 8gb kasi….

  35. michael alexis arcenio Reply

    ok na ok tlga e2 kaso nakakainis ang daming application ang liit lng ng im.sayang d ko naman nagagamit wala na bang paraan para ma alis ung pre ins. application?

  36. Ganito rin phone ko pero ang nakakainis lng ay kasi konti lng ang RAM niya tsaka phone memory … pero kontento na ako cos Dual sim .. pra sa Sun at Smart ko .. :D

  37. dahil ky technobaboy naka decide ako na ito ang knuha kung yung samsung mabilis magluma tingnan mo ngayon ang galaxy y luma na..ilang months lang my lumalabas na na bago..

  38. basahin nyo ang review makaka decide kayo…kung galaxy y ang plano mo mag alcatel kna lng same price pero ang features nla ecompare mo mas high quality ang alcatel glory..3mp,dual sim,same android. my galaxy y duos cla na pinalabas pero ang price 8990 same features lng naman ng alcatel glory.

  39. i use this phone now grabe mapagsabay mo lahat fb,email,habang my mga txt pwedemo ma adjust yung qwerty para sa malaking kamay..sun postpaid ako…

    • Hi planning to have sun plan also… question lang po..wat problem u encounter so far? thanks

  40. Tonypet Montemayor Reply

    Best price with features of other smartphones! You get more of your money’s worth! Alcatel, keep it up! 

  41. Jeboymejia061983 Reply

    It os easy to download app from this phone…I really love it…Im so glad that I have this phone..Its Super Nice and So Cool…Guys try this new Alcatel Glory…Ganda…

    • Kreskin Evora Reply

      How many app. did you download? It has only 150mb usable space. Can you teach me if you had more than 150mb space. tnx

      •  dinig ko me pagkakaiba pero, konti lang.
        nalilito nga ako kung same unit lang ba ang Glory 918N at Blaze Duo 918N.

  42. This review really helped me in picking a nice phone. So thanks for this review! And Btw, i got the phone and its AMAZING!

  43. Erick Gipit Reply

    nsa megamall aq ngaun kakasahOd lng. D2 aq s NetOpia pra basahin ung review d2 s technObabOy. Kahapon nagpunta n aq d2 tinanOng q ung saleslady abOut s feature ng fOne. Tas pinademo q s knya ung tunay na fOne. Ang ganda nmn ng features nia pati ung graphics. Walang2x wala ung Samsung Young na yan. Maicocompare q cia s Upper Samsung mOdels. Kaso khapOn nakacheke p ung sahOd q. So ngaun napaencash q n!

    Hehe tnx guys s pOst. Bibilhin q n ung Fone na i2 ngaun. :)))

  44. @ catherine hindi muna kailangan ng dyan naka install na yan..maganda ang phone nato lahat ng gusto ko nandito…

  45. very complete review..thank u very much,Alcatel should pay u for this hehe

  46. hi technobaboy! stable ba yung wi-fi hotspot feature nito? plan ko kasi gamitin ito bilang portable wifi pag gamit ko ang netbook at tablet. thanks! :)

    •  kaso no response naman sa mga nagtatanong. buti pa si yugatech! hmmmmp!

        •  yeah, pero conditional yung application ko sa sun postpaid.
          kelangan daw e auto charj sa credit card ko yung plan ko na 350 per mo. me ganun? sapilitan? or else di aaprovan yung application ko.

  47. ilan ba ang im nito? anu ang difference ng 918d at 918n? answer technobaboy plzzz…..tanx

  48.  Hi. Just got this phone one week ago from Sun. Ok sya, I’m surprised na tumagal ng 2 whole days yung battery. Ang problem lang ay yung internal memory, maliit lang. Tapos ang daming preinstalled apps na di ko madelete. Pano po ba gawin yun na di mavo-void ang warranty?

    This is user-friendly kasi android sya, madami kang makukuhang tips sa internet.

    Yup, I use alphanumeric keyboard using Touchpal app na preinstalled na. May isa pa silang keyboard, yung Cootek, qwerty ang layout pero 2 letters/key, so puede sa may matatabang daliri tulad ko. :D

  49. Estelamariebolotaolo25 Reply

     hi everyone….when i read the review above about this phone…i am partially persuaded…is this phone a friendly user?…kc pag sabi nla alcatel mahirap dw gamitin…ano ba talaga? i got already one week making my decision whether to buy or not on this phone…please help me technobaboy….

  50. pilar sanipse Reply

    I just bought mine last week.I was looking for a phone that houses 2 sim cards as my previous one has 2.  I was ready to get an Samsung or an IPhone before buying ALcatel Blaze, but I reconsidered as it will mean a 24mos.lock up period to a service provider and another monthly installment on the unit, and for me it seems a long time paying for this unit and it would mean using 1 sim only and another phone for the other. Inconvenience ! When I searched the internet, I came across this review and had second thoughts. It has the features I ‘m looking for in a phone.  I liked the reviews and also,  Samsung is all over the market (plus, I hate the idea of having so many people sharing the same phone) so I opted buying this. Now, for once I got what I wanted at a very affordable price.  Very easy to download, clarity is very good and indeed, it has an easy grip feature, hindi sya madulas.  Love this phone .  As what the review said, battery will last if you use the applications sparingly.  I suppose all android phones use up so much battery life anyway.

    • Bathanrandy Reply

       you can check it also on d internet if theres an alcatel store in ilo ilo

  51. how can i remove some pre installed apps … di kasi nagagamit and sayang ang internal memory please help

  52. bakit di na po nya madetect yung wireless adhoc network sa laptop ko after ko po sya i root at mag install nun wireless adhoc enabler? may idea po ba kayo

  53. ask ko lng kapag ol kba makikita ba nila sa chatbox sa fb na ol ka? sa phone na ito…..

  54. Xgloomychild Reply

    got this phone the white one..  really a bang for the buck. This is my second android phone. The first one was the galaxy Y and comparing it with 
    Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N I could definitely say this much better overall than SGY. For those who find the keyboard small for your fingertips. Try to  download an app called Numberpad keyboard & set it as your default keypad. 

  55. Shyne_bright Reply

    im really comparing the galaxy phone and diz alcatel, coz my dad and i are going to have are plan in SUN cell….can you gve me a reason y would i choose this phone plz….

  56. Hi Technobaboy, I just want to know if the input keys for this can be changed from QWERTY to alphanumeric (i.e. traditional key input layout)? I don’t think 3.2″ screen is big enough for my hands to use QWERTY layout keys.

    • technobaboy Reply

      the standard keyboard cannot be changed to alphanumeric. But I believe other apps from Google Play has this feature. 

      • I asked the sales lady if it can have alphanumeric keypad layout and she demoed it to me. I think she selected the keypad called “TouchPal” which was pre loaded in the phone (I am not sure if this is the case for all).

        After seeing that, I bought one (white) unit and now my wife is enjoying her new dual-sim phone.

  57. Northcuttepole Reply

    ang alam ko walng 20 hrs. amos un kasi sabi sa amin ng sun when i applied for that phone on the same plan..

    • options for plan 450
      option 1
      CTU+250 FREE SMS TO OTHER NETWORK+ 20HRS internet 
      option 2
      CTU+250 FREE SMS TO OTHER NETWORK  +100 consumable IDD call/sms

  58. Kakukuha ko lang ng sa akin sa SUN free phone for PLAN450. unli call and text sun2sun + 20 hrs internet a month. medyo nangangapa pa ako. sulit sana kung dual cam para YM at skype.

    •  ilang months yan babarayan?? 20hrs int a month? meron b nun?? ang nakita ko lang kasi is CTU,200txt to other network, tapos 100 consumable,. hmmmmm

        • options for plan 450

          option 1

          CTU+250 FREE SMS TO OTHER NETWORK+ 20HRS internet 

          option 2

          CTU+250 FREE SMS TO OTHER NETWORK  +100 consumable IDD call/sms

  59. hi sir! ask ko lang po sana kung kailangan pa po ba na mag switch between the two sim cards? or active na po parehas at the same time?  thank you so much

  60. Please have a review of the Lenovo A60 smartphone so that i can decide which one to buy – the samsung galaxy dou, the alcaterl you reviewed above, or the Lenovo A60

  61. Hi, nice review. Just want to ask if the screen is capacitive or resistive?

  62. ask ko lng po, kasi parang s CAMERA tska DISPLAY lamang n lamang ung 918n..
    anu mas ok/mabilis pagdating s GAMES/APPS?? SGY o yang ALcatel 918n

    • Wen_1st_1205 Reply

      ano po sagot sa tanong ni ron kie, kung ano mas ok when it comes sa GAMES/APPS

  63.  guys ask ko lang.. pano ba pag dual standby? if im using sun as my primary sim and globe for my 2nd sim pwede parin ba na sabay sila na makarecieve ng text pag may nagtext sa sun and sa globe ko? thanks in advance =)

  64. love this phone, my problem is contacts. how do you move your contacts from sim card to phone?

    • Markryan003 Reply

       Go to Contacts, tapos press menu key sa left side tapos more sa more may import/export tapos yun na pili ka na ng source tapos destination..

  65. nakabili n din atlast! mejo nangangapa pa. so  far satisfied nman ako

  66. Ying-ying Antonio Reply

    medyo pag pnalitn k na nung skin protector ahmm d masyado ngreresponse ung screen

  67. Love this phone. Was supposed to buy Galaxy Y pero it’s sold out. Good thing I found a poster of this unit. I managed to buy the last phone in stock sa mall near my house.

      • Bought mine at SM Southmall, but the phone I got was also the last one during that time.

        • finally, nkabili din aq s SM North for only 5700, kaso black lng ung available

          • That’s great! I bought mine for a higher price, though. Bakit kaya ganun?

            I also got the black one. Good thing I love black. :)

            • wag ka na bumili nyan pagint tlga hehe.. xperia mini kana 1ghz processor . meaning it support adobe flash player

  68. Pwede ba gamitin ang qwerty keyboard in landscape mode? wala kasi akong nakikitang pics showing that it is possible e.

    • Hi. I have the phone for a week now and yes, you can use QWERTY in landscape mode.

  69. Julius Ybañez Buma-at Reply

    crap gumastos ako ng mga almost 8k for sony ericsson xperia w8 walkman tapos may masmura pa pala at masupgrade pa na hardware at software…

  70. Maria Corazon Delos Reyes Reply

    where can I buy hard case or jelly case for this phone.. thanks!

    • Since this is a new unit, I doubt there’s a jelly case available. Maybe next month pa.

  71. Harry Potter Reply

    Is the P5990 its permanent price or is it only the introductory price?

    • I asked the woman behind the Alcatel stall and she said it’s a promo price, which means it will increase up to 8K or more after a few weeks ata. So I think now’s the right time to buy it while it’s still this cheap.

        • michael alexis arcenio Reply

          technobaboy i need your reps.

          pareho lng ba 918d at 918n

          kc parang nabasa ko ung 918d pde palitan2 ng color case pero ung 918n hindi?

  72. Migs Calleja Reply

    For potential Android users on a budget, this is easily a better buy than the Galaxy Y.

    A friend of mine just bought one of these and has his postpaid phone line as the second SIM. He plans to buy a Sun Broadband SIM with unlimited usage and load it as the phone’s primary SIM, to enjoy unlimited data at a cheaper price than if he got unlimited surfing with Globe or Smart.

    • Lenovo A60 is much better. You wont have a problem sending sms from any of the sims while data is active. While for both dual sim alcatels (890D and this one) sms sending fails while data is active.

      And besides, Lenovo A60 already has a forum to support rooting, upgrade to ROMs et al.

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