1. shizumaro08

    I’m gonna have to ask the same question by user name “ehem” below.
    How good is this phone when it comes to drawing? Does it come with a stylus? 
    I really want a phone that doubles as a portable sketch pad for me. As you know, real sketch pads are a hassle to carry around and it has a lot of limitations.
    Drawing using a phone app seems like an exciting thing. I’ve seen some creating wonderful drawings using their phones… I know the Galaxy Samsung phones may be better with this, but they’re just too pricey for me.

  2. evelyn fernandez

    I have just bought me a titan tv one thing i noticed is the battery that is easily drain out. is there another remedy for this aside buying another extra battery?

  3. gaia

    okay naman ang titan tv, merong tv and fm recording, maganda yong resolution, smooth naman maglaro ng candy crush, fruit ninja at subway surfer, maganda rin magbrowse sa fb at twitter, depende yan sa gusto niyo sa isang phone. so far i’m satisfied with the specs. ang habol ko kasi dito is yong tv at fm recording at malaking screen for games.

  4. nymphetamine20

    To titan tv users, ask q lang po qng hindi ba to masyadong umiinit sa game !? ung thunder q kase umiinit malapit sa my part ng camera! Pati ulo q umiinit narin! Jeje
    Reply kayo hah base from your experience ! Thannnnkksssss a lot!

  5. khel

    i bought one a few months ago… very satisfying so far. the only problem is masyado pala tlaga malaki that i cant hold it in one hand…

  6. khel

    i bought one a few months ago… very satisfying so far. the only problem is masyado pala tlaga malaki that i cant hold it in one arm…

  7. a special greetings to you sir..i only have 1 question in your comment, can you pls help me to understand well how to root and create partition of that PHONE STORAGE? bec i am interested n 2 ur suggestion it may help a lot to me bec i am going to buy 1..your quick reply is so much appreciated sir..thank you 🙂

  8. shit

    bakit bah puro kayo reklamo??? isnt stupid na puro kayo daldal na pangit hindi maganda ang cam, screen/ hayyy nakuh kung bulmili kaya kayu ng SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE????? cherry mobile ngayan dba? local brand nga dba? kaya nga mura dba? kailanagn pa bang isampal sa mga mukha nyu yan??? gosssshhhhh! nkaka bwesit!!!!! just represing the stupidness of pinoy! grrrrr|

  9. Nimpy

    please rate nyo nga ung phone na to 1 – 10.
    ksi reregaluhan ako ni mama ng ganito sa graduation ko ehh..

    at kung below 5 ung average, anung cp ang mas maganda, mura at malaki ung screen size kesa d2??

  10. butchery jones tugatog

    bought one before I went here in Doha..Iniwan ko kay misis yung lenovo ko na android. at first I was hesitant because of its cheap price, ika nga ‘you get what you pay for’…pero so far okay naman.skyping is good,line and viber are both working well, surfing online is smooth and watching youtube’s ‘A’ ok…I got more than I paid for ang masasabi ko sa unit na to.. yeah the camera sucks but the picture quality is bearable and still worthy for facebook posting…can’t complain! the occasional phone freezing is forgiven, di naman palagi…maybe ill stick on this one for a couple of years bago ako mag upgrade!

  11. gian

    The problem with this unit:

    They have technicians who do not clearly understand how android works.

    The box indicates that it has 4 gb rom.
    The technician will tell you that 2 gb has been used for system apps and 2 gb will be user available.

    But the real test to check on the ROM is you go to Settings – > Apps. At the bottom of the screen you will see the Amount of MB used and Amount of MB free. It will show you a total of 500mb. That’s the real ROM of Titan TV.

    The technician will ask you to go to Settings -> Storage. There you will see Internal Storage which is at 500mb total only, the other is PHONE STORAGE AT 2gb. The people from Cherry Mobile will convince you that the PHONE STORAGE is what’s remaining from the 4gb ROM. Apparently it’s not. My experiences in hacking and unlocking android phones will not make me believe with what they have said. The PHONE STORAGE is actually a built in SD card. So it means, the phone allows you to have another SD card.

    It is not a ROM. Most apps need to be in phone storage to function properly. Even you have Rooted your phone, transferring an app 2 sd card does not really transfer the entire app to the SD card.

    The only way to improve the ROM is to Root and create partition of that PHONE STORAGE. It will make that partition as if a part of the ROM.

    My CM Titan TV now has a 1.5GB ROM instead of the 500mb.

  12. albert

    One thing i dont really like from this model.. the camera is really really bad.. 8 megapixel? is that real? no its like 2.. tried to take a picture of a text and tried to zoom it. really frustrated.. im not really sure if its because of the big screen.. i compared it to my friends Flare model and the difference is very noticeable.. i was really frustrated with the camera…..

    • johnlove

      An acquaintance brought one during the Pyromusical Competition at MOA.
      There is no problem taking still pictures.
      But during the video recording of the fireworks, we noticed that it is ok only during the first 2 to 3 minutes, after that video recording becomes blurry. Luckily I bought my good old Nokia N8.
      What you pay is what you get.

    • gian

      you have to manually focus it.. click on HD then tap on the area u want to focus… so it will be clear. Or. install a app that improves camera.. it’s 8megapixels if you check the properties of the photo in a computer..

    • me

      my gf has no problem taking pictures of texts using her CM titan(not TV) . . and it only has a 5 MP camera . . . . baka po hindi nyu na-e-manual focus? click nyu po yung screen ng gusto nyong e-focus tapos mag-ce-clear na po sya . .

      saka po na-mislead na ang mga consumers dahil sa megapixel race ng mga camera makers . . 8 megapixel is not the “quality” of a camera . . it’s the maximum size of the picture the camera can take . . pero di ibig sabihing ultra clear na po to . . sa lens pa rin po yun ng camera . .. yung 3 megapixel camera ng samsung d900 ko(2007 pa yun) mas clear kesa sa mga bagong 5 o 8 megapixel camera ngayon . . . kaya talagang ini-emphasize ng Nokia sa kanilang camera na Carl Zeiss yung gamit nilang lens kasi ang linaw2x at napaka-sharp ng image

  13. The unit has one big flaw, kaya pala tahimik ang launch nila nito. The user-available memory is only 75MB, unbelievably low. So kapag nag download ka ng apps, malamang pa isa-isa lang, LOL.

  14. PPI is a bit overrated. The iPad 2 only has a PPI of 132, while the iPad Mini only has a PPI of 163, and yet the screen still looks nice.

    Aside from the PPI, you also have to consider the screen display technology as well …

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