1. what..?? The engine was shared with the 920..?? Oh c’mmon Finnish phone maker I expecting you to be stand-out for your latest WP8 versions. SGS4 had Quad-Core also with HTC One (If I’m not misaken). I think the upcoming 928 also be powered by Dual-Core I have seen in the other online article

    • eson

      Sir it seems that you have not used a windows OS nor knew anything about a windows phone. Windows doesnt need quadcore/octacore or what have you cores because it efficient in terms of OS and hardware. A windows phone can even run on single cores and the smoothness of the UI will still be there, why? Because its optimised and doesnt have that much bugs. Try the Nokia Lumia 520 phone, it has 1gz proc and only 512 or ram but still has the same feel as if your using a Lumia 920. The Lumia 520 is only 7k pesos and if you compare it to an Android HS within the same price bracket you will see the diff. Please do try and maybe you’ll like it . . . ciao

    • kgrgs

      dude, bet you didn’t know that the iPhone 5 also uses dual cores too. besides, this phone isn’t meant to be the next “flagship wp8”, not even a “refresh” (which the samsung gs4 is, might as well call it samsung gs3s), its just a “variant” meant to address several problems, namely the “weight & thickness” problem and the carrier availability problem (920 – AT&T/Telstra/Etc…, 928 – Verizon, 925 – T-Mo/Vodafone/Etc…). Please do your research before posting BS comments. GS4 comes in both Octa&Quad core variants, and still its a lag fest, while iPhones and Windows Phones comes with dual cores only, but performs much more efficient.

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