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  1. A Practical guy

    It is more “camfone” rather than a “foneCam”.  The price will be too high as a phone. With a high price  tag I would buy a better digital camera and a mobile just dedicated for phone function with or without a camera. If the sale is good, then all major camera makers like panasonic, sony, etc will jump on the band wagons with better camera and lousy phone ? I will stick with a simple phone without all bell and whistle and bloat wares. clustering the small screen. I have a lenovo notebook X220, a basic Nokia E63, Asus Vivotab windows 8 AT81C with 18 hrs battery life that I carry around. I like the Vivotab because I can put it in sleep all the time and wake it up instantly when I need to look up information or joint down idea before I forget. I am an old guy with poor short term memory.  I would love Lenovo Helix with Hopewell but I can not afford it. I also like ASUS Padfone Infinity A80 – phone+tablet.  I would certainly be interested if the OS is windows as all my work down in Windows OS.

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