1. I have nothing against CM but until now I felt sorry for those people who will buy CM Flare S5 – especially for those non-“techy” guys.

    I bought mine a couple of months ago as a temporary phone while my ASUS ZF 3 was under repair. I thought CMF S5 was a good buy. But after a few days I noticed some bad behaviors going on with the phone. Turns out to be a buggy OS with Monkey virus. The problem is it won’t be resolved even if you restore to factory default. Or even if you disable all the CM apps. Worst, the Youtube issue. Such problems will be quite troublesome for non-technical people. The entire OS needs to be flashed but the problem – it is not easy to find the “fixed” firmware version. I was about to do this review but I’ve been so busy and besides my ZF3 is with me again. What happened to my CMF S5? It’s there.. back inside the box and under my bed with spiders.

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