1. mark

    well, that’s fucked, i was planning on buying an oppo F3 because of the gaming specs it has, thanks for the heads up

  2. Buggy

    I had oppo f3…i got problem like u gu,ys…battery drains so fast..that whenver i open my data it really drains faster..i ve update it once..and another update is detected..maybe its not safe to update..please help..i got this phone almost a month ago…if this will happen..well what will be my battery lifespan for a year..hope oppo can fix this..and others says close all open app, or close my data…so what will be the purpose of this phone if ill do that..not worth buying so expensive smartphone with a battery that drains fasts…?????

    • Hi Buggy. I’m an Oppo F3 user. I understand your concern. On all mobile phone and other brands, mobile data really consumes alot of our battery. This happens to all models and other brands of phone that i have used before. But one thing i observed. If you are using wifi connection, it does not consume much battery percentage. 🙂

      • Roxanne Daygo

        I agree. I had my oppo f3 for a month and the battery last for a day I charged my phone once only. I used it for downloading, watching videos, streaming, social medias, playing games and I love it plus the fast charging was awesome.

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