Access Twitter Inside Google+ With Google+Tweet Browser Extension


So you got the invite and you’re now happily sharing stuff with your friends on Google+.  If you want to access Facebook and Twitter within Google’s social network, there are browser extensions that make this possible.  In a previous post I introduced the Crossrider Google+Facebook browser extension which lets you access your Faceboook stream and post status inside Google+.  Now you can also access your Twitter stream and tweet inside Google Chrome through another browser extension called Google+Twitter.

Google+Twitter is developed by Bruno Barbieri but is also based on the same Crossrider platform.  You can download the install file here.  Simply download and install Google+Twitter, log in to your Google+ account and log in to Twitter while inside Google+.   Your Google+ stream should now look like this.

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  1. been looking ways on how to do but this tutorial is really useful. Simple but effective. great post TB! =) digging your site hehe

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