Google Pixel phones finally have 5G in the Philippines, but still no official support

Pixel phones now get 5G on Smart & Globe networks. But there's a catch.
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Good news to Filipino Google Pixel fans! After months of user reports and speculation, it looks like Pixel phones now support the 5G network in the Philippines.

Previously, the lack of 5G compatibility was a major drawback for Pixel devices in the country. However, the latest update appears to have addressed this concern without the need to root the device. A post on Reddit showed successful 5G connections.

We have also confirmed this with a colleague in the industry who owned a Pixel 8 Pro connected to Smart’s 5G network. It also works on Globe networks utilizing supported frequency bands. DITO users, for now, seem to be left out.

The extent of nationwide 5G coverage remains unclear. But at least Pixel users can now experience the significantly faster speeds associated with the next-generation network. While 4G offered decent speeds exceeding 100mbps in some areas, 5G promises a substantial leap.

This update is certainly a positive development for Filipinos considering Pixel phones. However, take note that Google doesn’t officially sell these devices in the Philippines. Those interested are limited to third-party sellers and online retailers, which means limited warranty and support.

Pixel phones purchased through these channels also lack official Google warranties. You’ll be relying on the seller’s warranty policy, which can vary greatly.

Ultimately, Pixel phones remain compelling devices with their clean Android experience and top-notch cameras. The recent 5G update adds another layer of appeal. Weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase decision.

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