Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista Are Trending on Twitter

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Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista are both trending on Twitter.  If you want to know the reason, it’s the public’s interest over Heart Evangelista’s statement over an issue involving Marian Rivera.

In a press conference, Heart Evangelista’s counsel issued these statements:

“As counsel for Ms. Heart Evangelista, I wish to correct certain disinformation that has been spread to the detriment of my client.

“First, my client has been portrayed as the assailant. This is false. She was not the assailant but the assailed. She was not the offender, but the victim.

“Second, her mother was portrayed as committing acts of intimidation in that she met her daughter at the airport in the presence of 15 policemen. This is false. My client’s mother was accompanied by two NAIA employees whom she asked for assistance to pick up her daughter from the arrival area.

“Third, my client’s mother is said to have in effect committed threatening acts against the other actress. This is false. No such threats were made by my client’s mother.

“As a result of all these false and exaggerated accusations, four of my client’s endorsement projects were put on hold. More damage was suffered by my client, because a TV project was also shelved because of the false insinuations against her.

“In short, my client’s adversaries, may not only have committed the crimes of libel and grave threats against my client, but have also caused my client to incur damages in an amount that we will specify in a civil case that our law firm is still studying.

“We appeal to the media to hear both sides. My client has remained silent until now in obedience to the request of her home network not to speak publicly about the issue.

“However, the other actress spoke about the issue in an earlier press conference for a movie.

“Therefore, in self-defense, my client is forced to hold this press conference to air her side. Please help us to obtain justice in this forum.

“My client and I hope that after this, it will not be necessary to seek recourse in the courts.”

The movie involved is the remake of Temptation Island, where both Heart and Marian appear.

According to Heart, she has received death threats from the fans of Marian Rivera, so she had to come out and defend herself.  She said it all started when she made a statement that she wants to work with Dingdong Dantes in future projects. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. Ladygomburza Reply

    What do you think who is telling the truth?But some people says that based on the record of Marian Rivera, it’s easy to pick if who is telling the truth.

  2. CallCenterGuy Reply

    I’ve heared both sides and read some blogs on what was really happened. My symphaty goes to Marian Rivera. Heart is just jealous because Daniel choose Marian to be his future leading lady. Poor Heart , she’s trying to make people believe her, even it’s obvious that it’s her fault. Lovi and Rufa Mae is on Marian side.

  3. Don’t be fooled, it was Heart who got enraged when Daniel Matsunaga expressed he wants to work with Marian for his next project. Heart got jealous of MR and she started provoking Marian saying she wanted to do lovescenes wih Dingdong in her next project. MR confronted Heart and she thought everything was settled. But lo, and behold, Heart still made a big fuss of it and involved her Mom who lashed out at MR at the airport wih the police, as confirmed by Rufa Mae. It is clear MR is saying the truth here as she was all clueless during the TI movie press con. She felt betrayed. Heart is a very calculating person and she wants to smear MR’s name so she would be destroyed as a the Primetime Queen. MR is an easy target because she had the same accusations from Bela Padilla and Heart thought it would be believable if she says the same story. Well, MR’s fans know better. And MR has been through so many smear campaigns before and this, too, would pass.

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