Razer Switchblade Makes True Mobile PC Gaming Possible


Gaming brand Razer has unveiled the Razer Switchblade concept device, the world’s first device to use the 1.70 GHz Intel Atom Z690 processor.  The faster clock speed makes it capable of running games at a higher level of performance.

Razer is working closely with Intel on the Switchblade concept. “Intel is very excited to be working closely with Razer on the next generation of mobile handheld PC gaming,” said Brad Graff, consumer marketing director, Netbook and Tablet Group, Intel.  “The Razer Switchblade concept takes advantage of the Intel Atom processor, providing the performance needed to run 3D PC games in a small and light form factor to enable mobile gaming at significantly less power than a traditional laptop.”

“PC gaming on a truly mobile platform has not been possible before the Razer Switchblade,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer.  “Our work with Intel allowed us to not only optimize the performance of the hardware on this concept device, but also lay the foundation for future products that will fully utilize the innovative technologies first developed on the Razer Switchblade concept.”

The Razer Switchblade as a mobile PC gaming device is quite revolutionary as it allows gamers to play without having to compromise ease of control associated with desktop gaming.  The device integrates a multi-touch seven-inch screen and a dynamic tactile keyboard that visually makes available the control-scheme of any video game.  The keyboard recognizes the game’s specific interface and transposes the interactive visual elements such as command icons and control schemes right to the mechanical keys.

Availability and Pricing

As of now the Razer Switchblade is a concept design and will not be made available for purchase yet.  But Razer is already working with partners to design and launch products based on the Razer Switchblade concept design.  Razer will be announcing more information in time.

Razor Switchblade Specifications

  • 172mm x 115mm x 25 mm
  • WiFi and 3G
  • Compatible with any game genres
  • Windows 7 OS
  • MINI HDMI, USB3.0, Standard Headphone and Mic ports

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