Everyone’s favorite fruit-slicing game Fruit Ninja used to be only available on Apple’s iOS platform.  For a time Android users had to content themselves with Ninja Kaka, a game that’s something similar to Fruit Ninja.  Then the game became available on the Android Market for $1.29.

Now Android users can have Fruit Ninja for free after publisher Halfbrick Studios released a free version called Fruit Ninja Free.  The catch? The game is ad-supported, so it will be featuring ads every now and then.

Apart from the ads, the free version is just like the pay version. You get the same Classic, Zen, and Arcade modes, the same Freeze, Frenzy, and Double Score power ups, and the same chance to unlock custom blades and achievements.

Go to your Android Market now and download this great game app.  But I’m warning you, this game is very addictive.


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