Symbian Belle to Launch Very Soon, Looks Impressive on a Nokia N8

It was only recently that the Symbian Anna update was made available to Nokia handsets, including the N8.

If you are now on Symbian Anna and love how the OS works on your phone, you’ll be glad to know that Symbian Belle, the next version after Anna, is just around the corner – less than 2 days to be more precise.   Nokia’s Facebook page has a countdown running and all indications point to a Symbian Belle launch.  The actual release could still be farther in the future though.

Now if you’re interested to know how Symbian Belle will look on your phone, there’s a video posted on YouTube showing a Nokia N8 running on the OS.  From this video, it is very clear that Symbian Belle doesn’t look Symbian anymore.  It is fast and it looks nice and quite frankly, it almost looks Android to me – almost.  The OS installed is still beta and the official release could even be better.  At last Nokia users finally have something to look forward to.

Here is that video of a Nokia N8 running on Symbian Belle.

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  1. With Belle there should be 6 home screens, but in this video the phone used only have 3??? Otherwise it looked great. Looking forward to it.

      • Thebrownstimes Reply

        They havn’t dumped symbian! At no point have they said they were to stop working or releasing Symbian phones.

        W7 os is primary i.e if they release 10 handsets a year 6 would be windows 4 would be symbian.

        Nokia have finally put  themselves into gear with the funding from microsoft and are improving their OS

  2. I’m still waiting for Nokia N9 with MeeGo, all else from Nokia is just bad.

    • Thebrowntimes Reply

      You do realise that they’ve intergrated meego with Symbian?

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