Drop Test: iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II

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In the battle between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, it always boils down to a comparison between the iPhone 4S, the best iPhone from Apple, and Samsung Galaxy S II, arguably the best-specced Android phone in the market right now.  In terms of build quality, do you ever wonder if the iPhone 4S is any sturdier than the Samsung Galaxy S II?  In real life situations, it helps to know which phone is better in terms of surviving accidental drops.

Which of the two phones easily shatters? I won’t spoil the fun so just watch the video to find out.



  1. not true.. i dropped my iphone from a waist high level pero wala namang nabasag.. but my friend dropped her sgs2 and nabasag ang screen nya.

  2. I dropped my Galaxy S II waist high. It even had a case that I bought from Korea. The screen still shattered. So much for Gorilla Glass.

    • Hamed Aboonajmi Reply

      Obviously SGSII? Did you even watch the video? Go watch it and see for yourself that the iPhone 4S was the one that easily shattered.

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