Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Make it to Forbes’ Most Powerful People List


Forbes recently came up with a list of “The World’s Most Powerful People” which includes 70 individuals. The list is populated by politicians, religious leaders and other personalities, ranked according to their level of influence on people. On top of the list is US President Barack Obama but popular tech founders are also included.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates ranks 5th in the list (up from 10th last year) while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is 9th, up from 40th position last year.

Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, on the other hand, are in the 30th spot, down from 22nd last year. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the next tech figure in the list at 40th place, up from the 66th spot he occupied in 2010.  The CEO of Baidu, Robin Li, holds the 42nd spot while Apple’s Tim Cook is in the list for the first time and ranks in 58th position. Steve Jobs, ranked 17th last year, is no longer in the list.

For the ranking, Forbes took into account how many people a person has power over, the financial resources they control, how influential a person is in one or more different spheres, and how they use their power.

Go here for the complete list.



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