Google Music just became official.  Google has removed the same from beta label and with this, the company launched a music store in Android Market.  Google Music lets users upload music to the cloud, stream music, or listen to them offline by pinning the songs.  Apart from songs, Google Music will showcase video interviews and other exclusive content.  There will also be Artists Hubs which is meant for artists who want their own pages where they can upload and sell their music through Google.  Google Music is currently only available in the US.

The Android Market music store will have millions of songs available to users.  Songs will reportedly cost between $0.99 to $1.29 each and will have 320kbps MP3 quality.  Google will be offering a free song every day on the music store.   The music store will be on Android 2.2 devices and higher.

Google Music is also integrated with Google+.  People on the social networking platform may share a song with a friend who may hear the entire song, not just a snippet.

Learn more about Google Music from these videos.




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  1. Christian Esperar Reply

    Seems Google is really serious to fight the apple itunes. I wonder which is better…..

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