Britney Spears Now the Most Followed Celebrity on Google Plus


Don’t count Britney Spears out.  She might have seen a decline in popularity but on the social networking platform Google+, she is the most popular personality.

Google+ used to be ruled by its creator, Google CEO Larry Page, who used to hold the top spot in terms of followers but Britney snatched the crown from him just a few days ago.  Britney Spears now has 779,719 followers, while Larry Page has 766,905.

Here’s the top five most followed personalities on Google+.

1.  Britney Spears – 779,719 followers

2.  Larry Page – 766,905 followers

3.  Snoop Dogg – 663247 followers

4.  Mark Zuckerberg – 611,131 followers

5.  Tyra Banks – 551758 followers

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