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It’s time to update my list of the most followed Filipino celebrities on Twitter.  The last list I made was posted exactly three months ago on September 8, 2011 and since then, the positions have changed with respect to a few celebrities.

Here are a few notable things from this current most-followed list:

    • Anne Curtis remains to be the most popular Filipino celebrity on Twitter, keeping her number 1 position
    • Anne Curtis has gained almost 400,000 followers in a span of 3 months and she’s bound to get 2 million followers very soon
    • Vice Ganda has overtaken Kris Aquino and he now occupies the third spot on the list
    • The biggest losers are Pokwang and Ruffa Gutierrez, both sliding three places from their previous positions
    • The biggest gainer is Kuya Kim Atienza, who jumped two places to occupy the 13th spot

My previous list only included 25 celebrities but now I expanded it to 30.   If you think there’s a celebrity that should be on this list, please notify me in the comment section below.

Here now is the list of the 30 most followed Filipino celebrities on Twitter.

Celebrity Username Current Followers Previous Followers Change in Position
1. Anne Curtis @annecurtissmith 1,997,866 1,610,498 same
2. Angel Locsin @143redangel 1,182,553 930,768 same
3. Vice Ganda @vicegandako 1,144,077 836,341 up from 4
4. Kris Aquino @itsmekrisaquino 1,060,326 841,404 down from 3
5. Sam Milby @samuelmilby 982,219 778,193 same
6. Angelica Panganiban @iamAngelicaP 921,997 697,713 same
7. KCConcepcion @kc_concepcion 906,296 694,122 same
8. Bianca Gonzales @IAMSUPERbianca 884,047 679,038 up from 9
9. Iya Villania @iyavillania 861,213 666,703 up from 10
10. Lucky Manzano @luckymanzano 820,972 636,126 up from 11
11. Pokwang @pokwang27 820,777 680,493 down from 8
12. Cristine Reyes @yourqueenAAsays 699,263 584,820 same
13. Kim Atienza @kuyakim_atienza 698,563 550,768 up from 15
14. Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga 688,790 562,415 same
15. Charice @OfficialCharice 648,846 573,542 down from 13
16. Sarah Geronimo @SGeronimo25 626,772 499,372 up from 17
17. MajaSalvador @dprincessmaja 624,055 478,754 same
18. Nikki Gil @nikkigil 622,538 476,797 same
19. Ruffa Gutierrez @iloveruffag 610,117 500,497 down from 16
20. Mariel Rodriguez @itsmemarielt 561,993 475,940 same
21. Mo Twister @djmotwister 543,445 442,757 up from 22
22. Tim Yap @officialTIMYAP 517,998 447,749 down from 21
23. Maxene Magalona @maxenemagalona 502,852 426,446 same
24. Karylle @anakarylle 460,722 388,583 same
25. Julia Montes @montesjulia 458,128 not listed before not listed before
26. GeorginaWilson @iloveGEORGINA 452,761 369,426 down from 25
27. Christian Bautista @xtianbautista 413,243 not listed before not listed before
28. Liz Uy @lizzzuy 396,792 not listed before not listed before
29. Derek Ramsay @IanDerekRamsay 394,022 not listed before not listed before
30. Raymond Gutierrez @mondgutierrez 375,515 not listed before not listed before

List updated.  Ryan Bang is not in the list for the same reason he was not included in the first list.

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  1. hi pows si kuya kim napo ang 12 at si ate cristine na po ang pang rank 13 :)

  2. kapamilya the best hayyy ang saya natapos ang taon na ang pwesto nang puro may 1M followers ay kapamilya :)))) 

  3. Puro kapamilya, pano eto ang solid pa sa survey, dahil followers Hindi tanong lang.

    Channel 2 naman Talaga ang class na tv program e, Hindi bakya ang production ng lahat ng shows, kabaliktaran ng channel 7, bakya.

  4. update this ranking

    8.) @iamsuperbianca:twitter 

    9.) @iyavillania:twitter  

    10.) @luckymanzano:twitter 
    11.) @pokwang27:twitter 
    12.) @kuyakim_atienza:twitter 

    13.) @yourqueenAAsays:twitter 

    14.) @MsLeaSalonga:twitter 

    15.) @SGeronimo25:twitter 

    16.) @nikkigil:twitter 

    17.) @dprincessmaja:twitter 
    18.)  @OfficialCharice:twitter 

    19.) @iloveruffag:twitter 

    20.) @itsmemarielt:twitter 

    21.) @djmotwister:twitter 

    22.) @officialTIMYAP:twitter 

    23.) @maxenemagalona:twitter 

    24.) @XianLimm:twitter 

    25.) @anakarylle:twitter 

    26.) @montesjulia:twitter 

    27.) @jascurtissmith:twitter 

    28.) @iloveGEORGINA:twitter 

    29.) @iamjohnprats:twitter 

    30.) @SolennHeusaff:twitter 

  5. Jireh de Armas Reply

    tumaas na po ang rank ni derek ramsay siya na po ang pang 28 ahmm.. paki-update lng po :))

  6. Jireh de Armas Reply

    puro kapamilya ang may million followers #lists 1.)anne curtis, 2.) angel locsin, 3.) vice ganda, 4.) kris aquino, 5.) sam milby, 6.) angelica panganiban, 7.) kc concepcion wawa nmn ang kapuso ni isa WALAAA !!!!!!!!!! hahah tapos sasabihin pa ng mga taga kapuso dobol no. 1 pa daw sila eh halata nmng kapamilya channel 2 ang no. 1 ksi tignan niu naman plaging trending ang abs-cbn kung hindi artist nila shows nila eh ang kpuso ? ano? wala !!!!! kayong mga kapuso wag nyo kming linlangin di pa ba sapat ang laging trending ung shows at puro may million followers ung mga artist ??

    • thanks for this anoni!  ryan bang is not included as the list only considers Fiipino celebrities :)

      • Sam Angelo Guinto Bardago Reply

        ryan bang is also a filipino celeb. he is half pinoy like most celebs are. wew

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