Smart Reveals iPhone 4S Plans and Rates, 16GB Free on Plan 2500, P33,200 on Prepaid


Smart Communications revealed its pricing for the iPhone 4S ahead of Globe Telecom.  Smart’s iPhone 4S plans and rates have already been uploaded on its website.  Globe, meanwhile, is still silent on the pricing but is expected to reveal its plans and rates within the day since it is also promised a December 16 release for the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S has better hardware than the iPhone 4 since it now has dual-core A5 processor, an improved 8 megapixel camera.  Its star feature is of course the voice-controlled personal assistant Siri. I was wondering if the iPhone 4S will be priced higher than the iPhone 4 considering the hardware upgrade.  From Smart’s plans and rates, however, it appears that the iPhone 4S is priced just like its older brother.

Smart’s 16GB iPhone is free on Plan 2500 and costs P33,200 if you get it on prepaid.  This is actually competitively priced and is almost similar to, if not slightly priced lower, than Globe’s offering for the iPhone 4.  Let’s wait and see how Globe will price the iPhone 4S.

For the complete plans and rates, refer to the table below.


If you want to get the iPhone 4S on prepaid, here are the rates:

  • P33,200 for 16GB
  • P38,200 for 32GB
  • P43,200 for 64GB

Smart appears to be winning the iPhone 4S war, at least on the marketing front.  It was the first to reveal the availability of the device and has also conducted a camp-out for its iPhone 4S countdown.  On its Facebook page, a photo shows a well-attended camp-out at the Power Plant mall and another photo shows the first iPhone 4S owner.

Smart Holiday Camp Out
First iPhone 4S Owner

 Photos lifted from Smart’s Facebook page.


I hope Globe reveals its iPhone 4S plans and rates soon as I believe the real area of battle will be pricing.  If pricing is almost the same, what will matter next of course, is network trust.

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  1. sailiscious Reply

    just to inform everybody GLOBE also releasing iphone4s today 12/16/11 there are selected store nationwide that release 4s

  2. Phone_hunter Reply

    Nice. Smart’s pre-paid iPhone handsets are much cheaper than Globe’s.

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