JBL On Tour Micro Ultraportable Speakers


There are too many choices when it comes to ultra-portable speakers but this recent release from JBL immediately grabs your attention because of its ultra-cute design.

These tiny speakers are called the JBL On Tour Micro. They are so ultraportable they can slips easily into your pocket or carrying bag.  Don’t be fooled by the tiny form factor as these speakers are capable of delivering good sound, may it be from your smartphone, feature phone or portable mp3 or media player. The JBL On Tour Micro features Odyssey full-range transducer that makes dynamic sound possible it feels like you’re listening to a bigger sound system. The JBL On Tour Micro has 2.2W amplifier power so those tracks or videos should sound just fine.

For connectivity options, the JBL On Tour Micro has a 3.5mm audio cable that easily connects to any portable device and also has an additional 3.5mm jack.

The JBL On Tour Micro is of course ideal to carry around since it has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 6 hours.  For quick charging, the JBL On Tour Micro has a mini USB port and cable that lets you charge the speakers on a laptop or other USB host.

For color options, the JBL On Tour Micro comes in black and white, and Roxy special edition and Quiksilver special edition designs.

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