Nokia Asha 200 Now in the Philippines, Priced at P3,500

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Nokia just announced that the Asha 200 handset is already in the Philippines and has a price tag of P3,500.

The Nokia Asha 200 is a dual-SIM phone with full QWERTY keypad for those who like typing on their phones with physical keyboard.   The phone features Nokia’s Easy Swap that lets swapping of SIM cards possible without having to turn off the phone or without the need of removing the battery.  The Nokia Asha 200 allows management and personalization of up to five SIM cards.

The handset has a dedicated key for quick access to email and chat services through Nokia Messaging, and also has an SMS view that shows an entire text message chain on the screen. The Nokia Asha 200 comes pre-installed with applications with access to social networks directly from the home screen.

The Nokia Asha 200 comes with an additional 32GB of additional memory so storage will not be a problem with this phone.  It also has loudspeakers with 106 phon output which makes it ideal to for music lovers.  The phone also allows recording directly from FM radio. The Nokia Asha 200 is available in Graphite, Pink, Aqua and Pearl White.

Watch this video featuring the Nokia Asha 200.

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