Alexa is a site that uses a system of ranking websites based on internet traffic.  It is one of the tools relied upon to measure a site’s popularity in terms of visitors and page views.  Based on what it declared on its website, here is how Alexa comes up with its ranking.

“Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed, until, finally, we get the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service.”

Ranking is therefore based on a combination of factors including usage of the Alexa Toolbar and other traffic data sources.  Alexa ranks websites globally, by country, and based on category.  For websites (foreign and local) that are popular in the Philippines, you may go here.

For purposes of this article, I culled the Alexa data of tech blogs in the Philippines and arranged them according to their specific rank in the Philippines.  I gathered the top 10 tech blogs and I’m happy to say that is currently at number two.

I gathered the data manually so if you think there is a Philippine-based tech blog out there that should be in the top 10, please inform me and I will gladly check it out.   To verify the ranking for each specific tech blog, go to and type in the domain name in the search bar.  Note that the ranking changes from time to time.

Here is the list of the top 10 tech blogs in the Philippines today based on Alexa.


Philippine Rank:           124

Global Rank:                  19,556



Philippine Rank:          377

Global Rank:                  67,179



Philippine Rank:            412

Global Rank:                   70,125



Philippine Rank:          838

Global Rank:                 123,493



Philippine Rank:           885

Global Rank:                   201,081



Philippine Rank:          1,176

Global Rank:                  127,086



Philippine Rank:           1,186

Global Rank:                   138,346



Philippine Rank:          1,336

Global Rank:                  305,824



Philippine Rank:          1,581

Global Rank:                  180,333



Philippine Rank:           1,935

Global Rank:                   214,847


Author is one of the most active tech blogs in the Philippines. We deliver interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. Abhishek Kumar Reply

    Yes, the compiled list is great and seems to be a premium one.


  2. SerhatNarin Reply

    Good job…. I wish any of them writes a review about is newly launched, first of its kind, an online rewarding photo contest web page… 
    there are daily / weekly / monthly photo contests for everyone…

  3. i’ve just started a tech centric blog a year ago, but since i am the only one posting articles to the site, my entries are mostly from 1 to 2 posts a day… here it is… .. thank you guys..

  4. abhishekmcj Reply

    The list nice I think the is also turning good and gettting good responses

  5. johnbill774 Reply

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  6. blitzkrieg Reply

    @KowloonKid8 I agree bro. Mark of TP is the best tech blogger in the Philippines in my opinion. Anlakas ng clout nya sa buyers. I remember when O+ 8.15 was launched in SM North EDSA, the whole floor was mobbed and he was the only blogger who talked about the phone and the sale then. unbelievable power online.

  7. KowloonKid8 Reply

    Haha! Maybe it’s high time that you revise this list. :) The Alexa rank of sites like TechPinas, Techie and even your blog have changed dramatically since you posted this. I believe TP is now at number 2 in terms of Alexa and Techie is now at number 3 or 4. Then again, it’s nothing to be proud of really. Alexa has long been superseded by other more reliable metrics.

  8. Website Design Company Reply

     I have’t seen one of my favorite yugatech in the list :)

  9. Hey Techno Baboy thanks for the mention! ^_^ more Cheers to All of You

  10. pinoy tech blog Reply

    Congrats TB! Any other method you can share instead of Alexa? Thanks! You deserve the spot, and more power. :)

  11. Makati Condo Rental Reply

    Yugatech still takes no1 spot!  But is Alexa still dependable when it comes to these rankings???  TB must jump up and we followers all are waiting for that day!

  12. Maui Cordero Reply

    It’s the first time I encountered techpinas so I visited it. My eyes are bleeding with the font face and size! and one article about their interview with SMART is misleading and doesn’t have any substance at all. It’s hard to believe it placed 3rd in this list.

    • same here. i hate techpinas. it’s not objective. he’s trying to sensationalize everything.  

    • KowloonKid8 Reply

      hard to believe Mark of TP is on the list? why don’t you check TechPinas’ alexa rank again as of this month or which tech blog in the Philippines, according to Adobo Magazine and a leading and highly-reliable online metrics company, is the most read on the mobile platform? anyway, people can hate all they want. I don’t really think Mark is the type who would care. he himself finds his online success baffling. 

  13. Jeremy Santander Reply

    Alexa is based on a 3-month average. These are the sites that have the highest average. This could change from time to time. Can you also make a list of top Pinoy blogs not just tech blogs? 

  14. Alexa’s algorithm is so obsolete that marketers and advertisers don’t use it anymore to determine blog’s popularity. And why would you use Alexa rank in PH to determine which tech blog is so compelling… You should have use global reach instead since a Ph-based tech blog isn’t only meant for Filipinos but also those who are located outside the Philippines. Forget about Alexa… ^_^

    • technobaboy Reply

      if that’s what you think :) and you’re suggesting I use global ranking that’s based on global users to rank popularity of a blog in the Philippines? where’s the logic in that? :) this is top tech blogs IN THE PHILIPPINES.  I would understand your concern if this were simply a list of top Philippine-based tech blogs.   

    • Jade Bryan V. Jardinico Reply

      how about quancast? 

      I think different web raters such as quancast and alexa use different algorithms and protocols for web ranking system. But definitely, TB deserves the spot.

    • Jade Bryan V. Jardinico Reply

      how about quancast? 

      I think different web raters such as quancast and alexa use different algorithms and protocols for web ranking system. But definitely, TB deserves the spot.

    • TechnoKalabaw Reply

      bitter TechnoPig? siguro you’re a tech blogger whose blog isn’t in the list. alexa is still relevant. it’s not the only tool around but it’s still being considered. congrats technobaboy!

    • Migs Hipolito Reply

      It is clear that the blog post (and the title) say that its how alexa ranked it. 
      You can mayke your own algorithm and ranking. wala naman pumipigil.

      Congrats congrats to the top blogs!

  15. Yugatech is good but it’s full of annoying, uniformed, biased commenters. Hehe

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