Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2” Video Offers a Glimpse Into the Future


A year ago, Corning posted a video about glass that eventually went viral.  Corning of course is the maker of Gorilla Glass, the reinforcement used on current smartphones, tablets and LCD displays.  Gorilla Glass is one of the most important features of current displays as it toughens up the device courtesy of the chemical reinforcement used on this type of glass.

The viral video entitled A Day Made of Glass gave a glimpse of a future where glass technology is an important part of a family’s everyday life.  The video featured different concepts and visions where glass technology plays a very vital role.  The video shows transparent glass displays on appliances, phones, tablets, car dashboards and even poster and ad panels.  Here’s that viral video which, by the way, already has 17 million views on YouTube.


Just a few days ago, Corning released a sequel to the viral video entitled A Day Made of Glass 2.  It could also become viral very soon as it now has more than 260,000 views as of this writing.  It features the same family but this time it features newer concepts like glass devices at home, in school, at hospitals and even outdoors.  Watching the video feels like you are being transported into the future.

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