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A few days ago, Android users were treated to Temple Run, a popular apps previously exclusive to iOS devices.  One of the exclusive apps that have recently been made available on the Android platform is Instagram, an app that has single-handedly popularized photo sharing on mobile devices.

Instagram for Android was shown to a select few about a month ago so we knew that the app is coming to Android.  I guess what no one knew was that it was coming to Android this fast.  I was expecting it to be available in a few months but the people behind Instagram surprised us by the timing of its launch on Android.  Of course, no one is complaining and since Android users have been waiting for this app, it’s still good to know that it is now finally both on iOS and Android.  This I think is the right move for Instagram, one that can potentially double if not triple its user base considering how popular Android is right now.

For the uninitiated, Instagram is a photo-sharing app with social networking features and a built in photo filter set.  The Android version of Instagram will work on smartphones with Android 2.2 or higher.  It is not available on Android tablets.

Instagram for Android is practically the same as the iOS app, with the same appearance and features.  The app has five main sections for home, popular, shoot, news, and profile.  The difference is only with respect to the font and a few buttons, making it still distinctly Android.

For previous iOS users that have shifted to Android, you may now If you are an iOS user of Instagram,  was able to log into the Android app with my iOS account, and it pulled in all my photos, friends, and activity without any problems.  Here are a few screenshots of Instagram for Android.



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  1. I stopped using Instagram recently. Have to start using it again.. the new filters are really amazing and tempts to use it once again :P



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