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Mutewatch.  The name says it all. In a nutshell, it’s a watch that stays quiet, despite the fact that it has an alarm function.   The Mutewatch is no ordinary watch though.  It is special in many respects.

First of all, it’s a fashion accessory.  The design of the Mutewatch is something new, something you haven’t seen before.  At first glance it can pass as a simple wristband, the sort that youngsters wear these days.  But tap on the watch’s face and it lights up, revealing numbers that make you realize it is telling time.   So it doubles as a fashionable wrist accessory, and a touch screen watch.

From the first time I laid my eyes on the Mutewatch, I knew that it will add tons of cool factor to the user.   The wristband-looking device, by itself, is an attractive piece.  The design is clean yet upbeat, and you know that it is made of only the best rubber material available.  I was able to use the Poppy Red color and it looks way cooler than the other available colors, Pure White and Charcoal Grey.

Unboxing the Mutewatch is an experience in itself.  It’s not unlike unboxing a gadget from Apple.   The packaging is quite hip, to say the least.  First you see the outer enclosure with the image of the Mutewatch and a few small texts.  You then pull it out to reveal the main box which hosts the watch.  The box feels sturdy, with red prints resembling the digits in a watch.  Pulling the cover out reveals the Mutewatch nestled in a thick, black foam, highlighting the product itself.   The package includes the manual and a 3-inch USB adaptor hidden underneath the black foam.

It bears repeating that in terms of design, the Mutewatch is a looker.   It looks like a rubber strap when worn, and one will not be able to tell it’s a watch by simply looking at it.  The entire device is seemless, without any separate materials to speak of.  It looks and feels like it’s molded from just one piece of rubber.  It is water resistant, and can even be hand washed.  The Mutewatch has three main parts – the touchscreen display, the adjustable wrist band, and the USB charging plug.

The face of the watch is hidden and the watch appears on a single tap or by flicking the watch.  The screen is capacitive and is easily controlled by touch gestures.  The digits are displayed through hidden LED bulbs.  The strap locks through a huge button that’s off-center.  If I am asked what I should change about the Mutewatch, this has got to be one of the things I want improved.  Since the button is off-center, the band moves to unwanted angles sometimes but this is really just a minor gripe.  The lock is still effective and holds the watch steadily and firmly.


The Mutewatch has no removable battery.  If you’re used to your watch having one, this feature of the Mutewatch could either be a positive or a negative one.  It’s positive since it recharges via USB, and it’s a negative since the battery charge only lasts a few days.  The Mutewatch’s USB charging plug is hidden underneath the strap’s lock.  It’s a nifty design choice, really. The USB charging plug is connected to the 3-inch USB plug that came in the box, and the USB plug then connects through your laptop or desktop.   There’s no separate charger.   The firmware on the Mutewatch can be upgraded through USB connection whenever update becomes available.  Another minor gripe I have is that the USB charging plug in the Mutewatch easily disconnects from the USB adaptor.  The strap is stiff so it pushes the USB charging plug from the USB adaptor.  So in order to charge effectively, you have to put the Mutewatch in a certain position.  It would have been perfect if the USB charging plug snaps onto the adaptor.

The Mutewatch is supposed to be worn underhanded, meaning, the display goes under the wrist, not over.  That’s why the display is not shown in a conventional way with the time shown horizontally.  With the display under the wrist, looking at the time done simply by stretching the hand outwards.   There’s no one to stop you though if you want to wear it on top of your wrist, but the time will be shown vertically.

Operating the timepiece function of the Mutewatch involves the simple gestures of swiping and tapping.  You tap the face of the Mutewatch to activate the display, then you swipe left or right to choose from three basic functions – Clock, Alarm and Timer.  To change a value you only need to tap and hold on the display and wait for it to blink.  You can then adjust the digits displayed.  If you want a higher number, you tap on top and if you want a lower number, you tap at the bottom.  This is the same mechanism used in setting an alarm.  Erasing an alarm is as simple as pinching the touch screen.  The brightness of the display is automatically adjusted as the Mutewatch has an ambient light sensor.

In case you forgot, the Mutewatch sets off alarms through vibration, which can be set to short or long durations.  The strength of the vibration, h0wever, is controlled by the user’s movement. The Mutewatch has a built-in motion sensor, so it adjusts the strength of the vibration depending on the movement of the user.  Mutewatch is essentially an alarm clock, and the alarm feature is simply useful and uniquely implemented.

The Mutewatch charges for two hours and battery life lasts about four days to a week, depending on the functions you use.  If you rarely use the alarm, battery lasts a little longer.

Now on to the price.  The Mutewatch is definitely not a cheap accessory.  It retails for Php12,950, which means it’s not for anyone who simply likes a cool watch to show off to their friends.  But for the discerning types who know what value the Mutewatch has, not only as a cool accessory but also as a functional device, the price is worth it.   Make no mistake, the Mutewatch is a rare piece of gadgetry, so this novelty adds to the value.  Owning a Mutewatch is just like joining an exclusive club.  So if you have the extra cash to spare, go get the Mutewatch.

Mutewatch can be purchased at Digital Walker Trinoma, Digital Walker Virra Mall, Digital Walker Eastwood and Digital Walker Alabang Town Center.

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  1. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo “pricey”! …considering ipod touch w/ all the great features etc. is just about 8-9k or an ipod nano for 6-7k.

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