Smart Launches Freedom Plan, the Post-Paid Plan Without MSF


Postpaid redefined. That’s Smart Telecom’s tagline for the Freedom Plan, its newest postpaid product offering. If you look at the features of the Freedom Plan, you couldn’t help but agree with Smart.

How does Freedom Plan redefine postpaid? Well, in so many ways.  It removes that dreaded monthly service fee (MSF) and it also removes the usual 24-month lock-in period.  So far, so good.  What makes it really good, however, is that the plan starts with zero.  That means that users only pay what they consume. In other words, Freedom Plan is a postpaid plan that acts like prepaid.  This is great for users who need connectivity at all times but do not want the hassle brought about by using prepaid.   So if a user consumes 100 pesos worth of text and 100 pesos worth of calls in a month, the bill would only be 200 pesos.

To protect Smart with this kind of setup, Freedom Plan is initially capped at P600 a month. So if you want to consume more, you just need to pay what you have used so far in order to be able to use Freedom Plan again. This is an excellent tradeoff in my opinion.  It gives the users a good postpaid option and it doesn’t expose Smart to too much risk.  The P600 cap is not permanent.  Users can upgrade the cap after a few months if they have a good payment record.

What’s more, Smart also offers pricing buckets for Freedom Plan, if users opt for a more fixed pricing scheme.  Users therefore have the option of getting the pricing buckets that suit their needs.  Go here to see the special pricing options

Smart’s Freedom Plan is currently being offered as a SIM plan only, which only makes sense since bundling this with a phone will expose smart to too much risk.  Getting the Smart Freedom Plan is easy.  You only need to present one valid ID.  Good job Smart! is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. can you please elaborate what “initially capped at P600 a month” means

    • it means at the start, you may only consume up to P600.  If you reach this limit, the service is cut, so you have to pay your balance in order to restore the service.  You may only pay partially. So as long as you have available balance, you an use the service. 

        •  aside from 1 valid id, please do not forget to bring a billing statement. my other half was asked to present one when she applied at smart wireless – megamall plus of course the php250.00 application fee.

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