Nokia 110 Dual-SIM Phone Out Now for Only P2,190


This is the reason why Nokia is still relevant despite the dominance of Android and iOS.  With these two platforms fighting for market leadership with respect to smartphones, Nokia is still king when it comes to affordable phones.  Nokia has undeniably mastered the art of making cheap and sturdy handsets.

Take the new Nokia 110, for instance.  With a price tag of P2,190, nobody will deny that it’s cheap.  And if you have owned a Nokia handset in the past, you will also agree that this handset is well-made.  Despite the very cheap price tag, Nokia did not skimp on features.  With the Nokia 110, you will get a colored screen, a camera that can take photos and videos, FM Radio, Mp3 player, fast Nokia Browser and expandable memory up to 32GB.  Throw in dual-SIM capability and you get yourself a capable phone that can be your backup phone or your main phone if your needs are simple.

The Nokia 110 is being marketed by Nokia at “young, urban consumers who want to experience a fast, affordable online experience”.  In my opinion, this phone can appeal to anyone, young or not, who needs a no-frills budget phone.  The Nokia 110 offers fast internet surfing with the Nokia Browser.  Nokia says this browser version is fast and economical, loading three times faster and consuming less data by compressing up to 90% of webpages in the cloud.  You’d be surprised to know that Nokia 110 also has apps like Facebook and Twitter and some pre-installed games. If you want to download more, you can simply access the Nokia Store.

You might want to know that the dual-SIM technology on the Nokia 110 is Easy Swap.  Easy Swap requires switching of SIMs but it is nonetheless easy since you don’t need to remove the battery or turn off the phone.  The SIM Card manager on the Nokia 110 memorizes the calling, messaging and internet preferences of up to five different SIM cards.

The Nokia 110 is now available in the Philippines and it comes in black, magenta, lime green and cyan colors. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


    •  tingnan mo muna ang difference ng specs bago ka magreklamo. nokia 101 walang data capabilities at walang cam… pag di mo yan kelangan, 101 nalang bilhin mo.

      • ay kuya nakita ko ang difference nila namahalan lang talaga ako pasensya na ok? expect ko kasi nasa 1.7-1.9k lang, pwede ba nagbabasa din ako opinyon ko ang nasa taas, hindi ko hinihinge ang opinyon mo. merong kaya marunong ako mag compare ng specs ng phones!

        • betchaychay Reply

          well you can buy it at 2k ngayon..dipende sa kung san ka bibiLi…actually may nakita pa ako 1.9k.,taga Tarlac City po ako :’)

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