Review: Simplism Leather Flip Note Case for iPad 2 and New iPad


One of the thriving industries in the mobile world is the sale of accessories for Apple products.  Third party manufacturers are capitalizing on the popularity of the iPad, iPod and iPhone to sell accessories.  With the available brands and models in the market though, it’s quite hard for any name to stand out.  To get noticed, companies create unique products and hope that they somehow get some attention for the sheer creativity they pour into the process of creating them.

One of the brands that are competing for market share in the Apple accessories industry is Simplism. From the name itself, you will not possibly guess where the brand hails from. Simplism is a brand that originated in Japan, with products designed in Japan but manufactured in China.  The brand has been established in 2007 and has since reached the top in terms of market share in Japan, proving its expertise in making peripherals and accessories for Apple products. One of the iPad 2 and new iPad accessories from Simplism is the Leather Flip Note Case, a versatile flip case with a host of features that serve the typical tablet user’s needs.

The Simplism Leather Flip Note Case, as the name implies, is a note-style leather case for the iPad 2 and the new iPad.  It is made of fine-quality leather material that exudes class and elegance.  The quality of materials used easily tells you the level of protection the case will give your iPad.  It’s thick enough to ensure protection, yet it’s still decidedly thin and it’s not bulky at all.  Majority of the materials used are leather, including the part that encloses and holds the tablet itself, with the stitches on the edges working as the only accents.  The inner linings are made of a velvet-like material that protects the iPad from scratches.

The Simplism Leather Flip Note Case is basically a note case.  With the iPad inserted, it acts like a notebook where you simply flip open the lid in order to access the tablet.  Magnetic spots on the case act as sleep on/off control similar to the feature on Apple’s Smart Cover.  Even in this state, it already offers an additional feature apart from being a protective case.  On the inner part of the lid are card slots that can be used to hold IDs or credit cards.  Most iPad cases do not have this simple add-on feature.   There is also a loop for holding a touch pen in case you use one.

The Simplism Leather Flip Note Case also acts as a stand.  This is made possible by inserting the belt of the case backwards into the loop.

There are two ways to hold the iPad, one is the photo frame position where the iPad is almost upright. This particular position is good for viewing photos, watching videos or making video calls via FaceTime or Skype.   Simplism placed a thin plate inside the cover to keep the case straight.

The other position is the typing position where the iPad is almost flat but still elevated at the back for a comfortable typing position.

In order for an iPad case to be effective both as a protective case and a permanent attachment to the tablet, easy access to ports is essential.  The Simplism Leather Flip Note Case thankfully offers access to all function buttons and connectors even when stored.   The user is still offered access to the power button, audio jack, volume control, and dock connector without having to remove the case.  The speaker grilles of the iPad are also uncovered.  The camera at the back is also uncovered.

One additional nifty feature of the Simplism Leather Flip Note Case is the removable shoulder strap. At the top and bottom parts of the crease in the center are hooks where the straps connect.  The heavy weight of the iPad tends to put uncomfortable pressure on the hands after a long time but with the removable strap, the iPad suddenly becomes easy to lug around and carry for a long time.

The Simplism Leather Flip Note Case is one of the most versatile cases for the iPad 2 and the new iPad.  Not only does it  secure the iPad from scratches and damages arising from accidental drops, it also acts as a stand.  Apart from these basic features, the case has nice touches like the card holders inside the flip cover, a stylus pen holder and of course, the removable shoulder strap.  If you’re looking for an iPad case, therefore, this offering from Simplism is worth checking out.

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  2. One of the brands competing for market share in the Apple accessories industry is simplistic. From the name itself, is likely to guess where brand comes. Simplification is a brand that originated in Japan, with products designed in Japan but made in China.

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