Drop Test: iPad mini vs. Nexus 7


New devices, new drop tests.  We should be familiar with the pattern by now.

Every time drop tests are done, I always cringe at the thought of seeing shiny new toys being destroyed like they are worth nothing.  True gadget lovers must feel the same way I do.   Still, these drop tests somehow tell us which devices are able to withstand a heavy beating, however unscientific the process.

Right now, the hottest new small tablet, the iPad mini, is the subject of drop tests.  It is pitted against Google’s equally hot small tablet, the Nexus 7.  Apple boasted during launch that the iPad mini is better than the Nexus 7 in many respects, but how does it stack up against the Nexus 7 in terms of durability? Which one takes the least damage when both tablets are dropped?

There are two drop tests featured in this post, one from Android Central and another from Square Trade.  The one from Android Central only involves the iPad mini and the Nexus 7 while the drop test from Square Trade also includes the iPad 4.  You’ll also see a “dunk test” towards the end of Square Trade’s drop test where the tablets are dunked into a tub of water.

Which tablet do you think comes out with the least damage? Watch the videos to find out.


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  1. Piolo John Rosales Reply

    Found that Drop test on NYTimes – Technology Page at’m surprise that the iPad Mini can survive and passed the Drop and Water Test. For me its hard to imagine that a touch-sensitive like iPad Mini and Nexus Tablet are durable enough to resist the shock when dropped. (take note: drop with its corner first and soaked in water)Though it survived the first drop, I still believe that there are some damage and effect on its function. It’s an impressive iPad Mini.

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