Devant is a brand that actually needs no introduction.  The electronics company has been around for quite some time and chances are, you have already seen Devant-branded products in stores the Philippines or heard about it in commercials over the radio.  The company manufactures DVD players, Blu-ray players, audio speakers, portable players, and TVs, among others.  

Admittedly, the brand is not yet as big as Samsung or Sony but its products tell you that Devant is up there with the big boys when it comes to features and quality.

One of its current offerings in the TV category is the 50-inch Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV.  The product carries all known features of the latest TV models, and some other features you never thought possible on a TV.   I had the chance to review the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV and honestly, I was blown away by this baby.

Design, Hardware and Features

When it comes to TVs, I like the design simple and classy.  Devant’s 50iTV630 is exactly this, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s easily one of the best-looking and least-assuming Smart 3D TVs in the market today.  The sheer size of the TV is imposing, all 50 inches of it, but the design should easily blend well with any kind of living room or bedroom setup that you may have.  The Devant 50iTV630 uses clean lines and minimalist elements, making it decidedly hip, yet classy at the same time.


There are no strange or off-putting design accents, just black edges and straightforward overall design.  What acts as the main, and actually the only, accent is the clear plastic trimming at the bottom of the display which works perfectly well with the overall look of the TV.  The Devant logo at the bottom of the screen is the other only visible deviation from an otherwise all-black affair.  There is nothing else to be seen on the front, except for the small power indicator at the lower right corner that is flanked by an almost invisible  remote receiver.

Holding the TV is a flat, rectangular base that’s surprisingly easy to install using the supplied screws.  It attaches to the TV panel like they have been joined at production, which basically means that when in use, the TV panel should be safely held in place.  You have an option of installing or mounting it on a wall and Devant even threw in a free wall bracket in the package.


When you look at the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV from the side, you immediately wonder if there is an actual working TV inside the contraption.  The TV it’s so thin you can’t help but be amazed at how quickly technology has advanced.  My very first LCD TV was about 5 inches thick, so seeing how thin TVs are nowadays make me shake my head in disbelief.

At its thinnest point, the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV is less than an inch thick, and with a TV the huge  display size of 50 inches, the thinness of this TV is greatly enhanced.  The thickest point of the TV is at the base where the speakers are located but even with the speakers, the base is still noticeably thin.


Move to the back of the panel and you will be greeted by a myriad of ports and terminals, but despite their abundance, it doesn’t look cramped.  On the contrary, the ports and terminals are neatly arranged in one side so the rest of the space on the back is uncluttered.  The Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV has 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, a LAN port, a VGA port with VGA audio in jack, two antenna ports (1 for cable and 1 for air antenna), a cluster of AV out ports, a headphone jack, a coaxial port, and a component/AV1/AV2 port.   This means, among other things, that you can use the TV practically any way you want.


The package not only gets you the TV and the mounting accessories, it also includes two pieces of 3D glasses, which is really cool since you don’t need to buy a separate set of 3D glasses.  There box also includes a manual, a remote control (battery included), cables, and a Wi-Fi receiver.

The Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV offers a host of amazing features.  For starters, it has a full HD 1080p (1920×1080 resolution) clear panel display with 16:9 aspect ratio and a 3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.  Imagine full HD on a 50-inch screen with that resolution and contrast ratio and you know it’s nothing short of pure visual pleasure.  There are other useful features some of which are self-explanatory like LEDTech Superior Color Performance, Visual Care and 120Hz Vivid Motion.  One of the main features of this TV is a built-in ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial) receiver.  This feature will allow users to view digital, HD content, and free TV without the need for set-top or converter boxes.  ISDB-T is said to be the Japanese broadcasting standard now and soon, it will also be adapted by TV stations in the Philippines.

Being an internet TV as well, the Devant 50iTV630 has Wi-Fi capability through the USB-mounted Wi-Fi receiver.   To take advantage of the Wi-Fi capability, Devant loaded the TV with apps for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Picasa, as well as an app for web browsing.

Performance, 3D and Internet Features

The Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV offers practically all features that are possible under the most current TV technology.   But does it deliver in areas that really matter, like picture quality and overall viewing experience?  The answer is yes, and I should say that this TV delivers on what is promised, and more.

My previous television sets are of different brands.  I have tried TVs from Sony and Samsung, two of the most respected brands in the market.  From the performance I got from the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV, I should say that it equals the more established brands in terms of picture quality and features.

Before firing up the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV for the first time, I wondered if the TV was worth the price, although compared to other known brands, it’s still considerably cheaper.  I didn’t know what to expect, not having owned a Devant television set before.  Honestly, I was expecting a performance that’s something inferior compared to a Sony or a Samsung TV.   When I used the Devant 50iTV630, I was instantly blown away by the picture quality.


I tried playing all kinds of videos on the Devant 50iTV630, including 1080p videos, and all the time, the TV delivered.  The videos look so sharp they are almost real.  Colors are rendered nicely, without having over-saturation problems, something that’s a common issue with Samsung TVs.   The colors on the Devant 50iTV630 are just right, but with a pop that enhances the viewing experience.


I tried the 3D feature of the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV and what I have are only good impressions.  When playing 3D videos, the interface gives you several options like left-to-right or right-to-left swaps and adjustments on the level of convergence and the depth of the 3D effect.  There’s also an option to view a 3D video in 2D, and surprisingly, an option to view 2D video in 3D.


My first try on 3D viewing immediately brought me to an ultra-realistic viewing experience.   I tried the 3D versions of the movies Brave and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.   The viewing experience was too immersive I did not stand up for breaks.  If only for the 3D feature, the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV is already a worthy purchase.

As previously mentioned, there are two 3D glasses included in the package, so two persons can enjoy 3D viewing at a time.  The 3D glasses are excellently designed, like they came out of a Rudy Project or Oakley factory.   There are two buttons for operation, one for power and pairing, and another for mode selection (left and right modes).   In 3D viewing, the glasses are very comfortable to use.  They are too comfortable sometimes you don’t realize they’re there.  The glasses don’t use batteries.  Instead, they are charged via microSD slot hidden on top through an almost undetectable latch.


Using the internet on the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV gave me mixed feelings, not because of anything the TV does or doesn’t do, but because I am not accustomed to using the internet  without a keyboard and a mouse.  Navigation without a keyboard and a mouse is a hard task for anyone and if I had a choice, I would still use a computer if I’d want a perfectly acceptable internet experience.  But judged based on features and ease of use, the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV should give users a decent internet use experience on the same level as that offered by internet TVs of other brands.


To use the internet, you’ll need the Wi-Fi USB Adapter included in the package. It’s like a USB drive in size and you simply plug it into one of the USB ports at the back of the TV.  Once the adapter is plugged in, you navigate the settings and the TV detects the available Wi-Fi networks just like any other computer.  Connecting the Devant 50iTV630 to my home internet system was a breeze.  While connected to the internet, I tried all the available apps and I also browsed a few sites.  The YouTube app was easy to use and navigate, and if you’re always on YouTube, this TV will quickly become your best friend.  YouTube videos, especially the HD versions, look great on the Devant 50iTV630.  I can imagine someone spending countless hours viewing YouTube videos.  Facebook was quite hard to navigate, only because you use the remote to do it.  The built-in Facebook app is also not that polished but it still works.  You have access to your newsfeed and even the option to view only photos or videos.  With a 50-inch TV, viewing photos and watching videos is the main point for browsing Facebook.

Browsing websites is nice on a huge TV, but again, if I had the choice, I would rather use the TV as a display and browse using my laptop.  But internet on a TV is not intended for long use, but for those quick browsing sessions when you are so lazy to open your laptop.  So for quick internet sessions, browsing was quite effective with the use of the TV remote.  You move the cursor using the remote’s directional keys, then for letters, an on-screen keyboard pops up.


Everything works well with the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV but it’s not perfect, like no TV is perfect.  My only issue with this TV, and it’s actually not that serious an issue, is sound quality.  They are not bad, mind you, but compared to my other TVs, I noticed a lack in bass in the audio output.  It can of course be improved by adjusting the TV’s audio settings, that’s why I said it’s not that serious an issue.  Moreover, with current home entertainment setups, people use a separate audio systems for that boomy audio output.  And with a TV as excellent as the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV, it won’t make sense not to get a separate audio system.


The Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV is quite a revelation.  The brand Devant has been present in the Philippines for quite some time now but this is the first time I have used a Devant-branded product.  First impressions are said to last and with the Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV, I will forever associate the brand with good quality.  The Devant 50iTV630 delivers excellent picture quality, be it in 2D or 3D, and delivers a good overall performance.  As a TV with both 3D and internet features, your home will definitely be transformed into an entertainment haven.

The Devant 50iTV630 Smart 3D TV is priced at P94,950, which makes it a cheaper option for those looking to buy their first Smart 3D TV.  Other brands with comparable specs are priced way higher but in terms of performance, there is practically no difference.  What makes the Devant 50iTV630 a really good proposition, apart from its solid performance, is that it comes with a free items.   Buyers have the option of getting either (1) a Devant 32Mel250 LED TV or (2) a set of BR 51 (5.1 Channel, 3D Blu-Ray Player)  and DV 5270 (5.1 channel speaker system).

Rating: 8.9/10

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  1. cosine1989 Reply

    Internet is not working…wifi is connected but it doesnt connect to internet..please help

  2. Wow.. the story was long enough for me to read all this infos. This company will do eveything to convince people to buy. Ok If I were you guys get one that has a name already and u won’t regret it.

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  4. John Santos Reply

    I’ve purchased this model but after 2 months the unit just suddenly went dead and it’s so hassle to carry this big TV back to where I purchased to be fixed and after it was fixed the original resolution of the unit has been changed it became blared and dark. I’m so disappointed. I want my money back!!

  5. mikethegriever Reply

    Can you install apps in DeVant Smart TVs? Coz I saw in their DeVant 50HMB930 it has a pre-installed Opera Store…

  6. emmanuel javier Reply

    its true bought a devant smart tv last december and on march 5 no pictures appeared on screen bought it to their service center and its already one month and i have not heard from them im planning to report them to dti for refund or replacement. so they will not get used to selling defective products

  7. I’ve purchased this model in October and sad to say I was disappointed on it. On the product specifications, it is indicated that it delivers 120hz of vivid motion but in reality, this is only delivered when you are using the 3D feature. I noticed this when I hooked up my PS3 and Xbox 360. When I turned on the console, I saw in the screen that it is only working with 60Hz of motion rate, 1/2 of the promised 120hz. I called up the tech support and they mentioned that this unit is very honest and he even mentioned “kaya nahuli” when I said it is only delivering 60Hz (according to him, it depends on the source signal). I was expecting that an upscaler is in-place so that any lower motion rate or quality will be automatically upscaled, similar to Samsung TVs (and they are not even 3D tvs).
    They offered to replace the product with a different model which has an upscaler (HMB something) but I still need to pay for the difference in the value of the 2 products. Very disappointed on this…

  8. CorpusMakolet Reply

    I just purchased one of these 50itv630 sets and while the picture is great, I am very disappointed that it doesn’t have digital audio output or audio return channel.  How are you supposed to connect this TV to an external audio system if the TV cannot output digital audio?  All modern TV sets support Audio Return Channel so that whatever is playing on the TV can have audio routed to the audio system.  But this TV does not support that.
    In short, what this means is that playing any videos from DLNA or USB or Internet or any of the HDMI ports that is not coming from the audio system must go through the TV speakers and cannot be pumped into my surround sound system.
    Huge bummer.

  9. I have return my tv for replacement for the same model 50GL510 maybe the first unit i have was a defective unit…so far the replacement i have receive until now is still working did not notice any problem yet but i hope nothing shows its almost 2 months already…its open 8 to 15 hrs everyday. I hope this one will last for 2 years or more to gain my respect. : )

  10. I have return my tv for replacement for the same model 50GL510 maybe the first unit i have was a defective unit…so far the replacement i have receive until now is still working did not notice any problem yet but i hope nothing shows its almost 2 months already…its open 8 to 15 hrs everyday. I hope this one will last for 2 years or more to gain my respect. : )

  11. I bought a 50GL510 a few days ago. I just saw this post and scared the shit out of me..

  12. All i can say on Devant Brand TV is buy at your own risk…I bought a 50GL510 on the biggest mall in pasay last July 13,2013 – Saturday TBH i really like the PQ of this tv comes with the vivid motion is superb but last night monday after 3 days while watching movie a vertical line appears in the center it flickers so much it consumes the half part on the screen…i was so very very very disappointed it got broke easily…and im now worrying if the replacement of this item will last for a year or maybe weeks only…whats my assurance that the replacement i will get is lemon??? : (

  13. how is the TV holding up now after a few months? i’m planning on purchasing this model

  14. I
    just bought the DeVANT 46iTV600 last Dec. 29, 2012 and sad to say, the
    unit just suddenly went dead this afternoon(Jan. 7 ’13 at around
    5:30PM). I was shocked because it was less than 2 weeks and the unit
    already went dead considering that it’s still
    new. Well, i called DeVANT’s service center and reported the problem
    and the DeVANT guy(Jose) i was talking to, after, a bit of discussion,
    realized the unit as a dead set and suggested returning it back to the
    store where i bought if from. I called up Anson’s Makati and they said
    that i just bring the unit together with the receipt for replacement. I
    requested for a packaging box since I already disposed the said box
    after installing it in our house but Anson’s guy said that they can not
    provide a box. I feel quite disappointed with the product since my
    expectation after i purchased it was high and then less than 2 weeks, it
    became dead. I guess DeVANT should improve their Quality Control ‘coz
    if it can’t do this, customers may not patronize the product.

    • it happened to me too almost same case what a shame to that brand….

  15. Rosalinda San Diego Reply

    nah! i’m traumatized with devant.. after 3 led TVs and multiple replacements within warranty…i’ll just save a lil more to get a different brand.. 

    • Almost same exact story for me. Nothing but problems with these TVs. Just spend a little more money and get a name that’s already trusted – let other people do the experimenting with the unknown brands!

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