Review: Crumpler’s The Rampaging Mob Backpack


Apart from the weirdly named “The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain”, the other Crumpler backpack I got the chance to review recently is The Rampaging Mob.  It’s another bizarre name from Crumpler but it’s not really a Crumpler product if it does not carry an eyebrow-raising name.  More than the names, however, it’s the playful design and the excellent quality that you should really remember about Crumpler products.

Backpacks are one of the most common carrying bags used and to address the varying needs and varying tastes of people, Crumpler has several offerings that cater to almost every type of individual.  The Rampaging Mob is just one of the many backpacks and carrying bags available from Crumpler.  This particular backpack is meant for those who need a huge storage capacity, including a compartment to stash away a 17-inch laptop.


The Rampaging Mob is sufficiently huge, with a total capacity of 25 liters.  Despite the size of the backpack, The Rampaging Mob is surprisingly light.  The materials used are all lightweight but they are sturdy and are designed to withstand heavy use.   The overall style of The Rampaging Mob is clean and straightforward, with an extremely rounded top.  From the outside it’s almost all-black, the only accent being the reflectorized grey horizontal strip that also contains the Crumpler logo.  The center part is shaped by two horizontal lines where the sides start to taper off.  There are no bulges, no huge pockets, no unnecessary design accents.  It’s just one huge bump, and if you’re one who likes minimalist designs, you will find the clean lines of The Rampaging Mob appealing.


If The Rampaging Mob is quiet on the outside, it’s a different story when you start to unzip the backpack.  When you open the main compartment, which by the way, can be accessed through a top or side zippered openings, you are greeted by a bright red color, a classic Crumpler style that marks its playful design philosophy.



Inside the main compartment there are several other compartments, one of which is the afore-mentioned compartment for a 17-inch laptop that’s padded for extreme protection.   This laptop compartment has a Velcro-sealed flap that provides easy and quick access to the laptop inside. Rounding up the compartments are the A4 document/magazine pouch, velcro-sealed stash pocket with zippered side access and dual internal stuff pockets.  Outside there’s a vertical opening zippered side pocket that fits a 1,000ml water bottle.



The huge load naturally requires strong but comfortable shoulder harness.  The Rampaging Mob manages to provide exactly this with its wide, body contoured and padded shoulder harness that delivers strong support and provides extra comfort at the same time.   The shoulder harness is also fully adjustable, with available chest belt, so weight can be evenly distributed across the shoulders.  Carrying the backpack through the grab handle is comfortable since it has neoprene panels and foam cushioning and shaped to match the natural contours of the hand.


Carrying a heavy load should cause you to perspire but Crumpler makes this manageable. To help wick away perspiration, Crumpler uses Aire Mesh padding in the rear of the bag and in the underside of its harness.  There is also a rear venting system that keeps fresh air circulating between the bag and the user’s back.  If you are concerned about the safety of your belongings, the padded linings of the compartments should protect them from drops and bumps.  For rains, The Rampaging Mob features water resistant material, and even the external zippers are hooded, so water will definitely stay out.

The Rampaging Mob is not for everyone.  It is for those who need a huge carrying bag with compartment for a 17-inch laptop, although any smaller laptop will fit in this compartment.  It’s not an everyday bag since rarely do people need a huge backpack for daily use and laptops with 17-inch displays are not common.  The Rampaging Mob is for those who travel a lot and those who usually do quick vacations.  For people whose needs fit the purpose of this backpack, you should look no further.  The Crumpler Rampaging Mob is well-constructed and well designed.  The only question is, will you be willing to spend P7450 for this bag? It’s expensive, I admit, but it’s worth it.

The Rampaging Mob is available at Crumpler stores found in Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall and Robinsons Manila.  You can check Crumpler’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.

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