Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Messenger Bag Review

By now you’re probably used to hearing unusual names for Crumpler’s bags.  These playful names represent the company’s fun attitude and the equally fun nature of its products.  But Crumpler is not only known for being inventive with names, it’s also known for the quality of its products and the attention it puts to every detail.

The newest Crumpler bag that crossed my way is the Ludicrous Debacle.  Don’t imagine the bag’s purpose by the sound of its name.  The name has nothing to do with the bag’s general or specific purpose.   The Ludicrous Debacle is essentially a messenger bag that features one big cargo space and one internal iPad-sized pocket.  You now see that the name does not describe the bag.


Big tablets the size of the iPad is heavy to lug around and without the perfect carrying bag, it tends to get cumbersome.   The Ludicrous Debacle is ideal for tablet owners who need that perfect carrying bag.  The Ludicrous debacle has a hip design and bright color choices, not to mention cool features, that make it worth checking out.

The Ludicrous Debacle has two main compartments, one is the main compartment with oversized velcro-sealed flap and the other is a side compartment that fits a tablet like the iPad or any A4 sized document.


The bag’s outer flap will discourage pickpockets as it is secured by dual oversized injection moulded velcro fasteners.  The bag is tough as it is made from double layer water resistant Field Twill.  The material is also water resistant so when coupled with the oversized flap design, the contents are always secure and dry.  The Ludicrous Debacle was constructed with ultra durable materials and reinforced seams, with additional stitching on all stress points.  Crumpler is confident with its craftsmanship that’s why the bag carries a lifetime guarantee.


The Ludicrous Debacle is also comfortable to use as it is fitted with Crumpler’s clothes friendly edgeless wide shoulder strap that has an adjustable length.  The wide strap is for distributing weight on the shoulder.  The edgeless webbing on the strap prevents the strap from getting caught in clothes.  The shoulder strap also has what Crumpler calls QuickFlick buckle that secures its length.


There are several color options for the Ludicrous Debacle.  Here are some.

LDE001-R06G50_img01_nrm LDE001-U10G50_img01_nrm LDE001-U11G50_img01_nrm

The Ludicrous Debacle is a well-designed messenger bag that’s perfect for carrying an iPad-sized tablet.  With two compartments, clothes-friendly materials and a lifetime guarantee, this bag is a worthy purchase.

The Ludicrous Debacle is priced at P1,850, which is very affordable for a Crumpler bag.  It can be purchased at Crumpler stores in Bonifacio High Street, Robinson’s Magnolia, Trinoma and Shangri-la East Wing.

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