Google Opens an Office in the Philippines

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Google is now in the Philippines.  The company responsible for Google search, Google docs, Gmail and Android, among other products, just set shop in the country.

Google acknowledges that the Philippines has a vibrant and growing online community with over 33 million internet users and this number is even said to double in the next 3 years.  It also acknowledges that the Philippines is a key country in Southeast Asia in terms of its “digital economy and tech-savvy population”.   The presence of Google in the Philippines can only be good for the country.  Google’s reason for setting up an office in the country is to improve its services for Filipino users and help Filipino businesses grow.   It’s also not a secret that Google will tap into the vast local talent pool.


Google is known for providing localized versions of its services and in the Philippines, it has done several projects that shows its interest in the local market.  To cite examples, the company launched Google Maps with Filipino interface, it improved the Chrome Web Store to help local developers, it launched YouTube Philippines, it developed Free Zone which provides free internet access, and it also collaborated with local government agencies to launch local projects.

Google is a huge name and is one of the most respected and most admired tech companies in the world.  The fact that it has seen a reason to invest in the Philippines is a huge boost for the local tech scene.  Word is out that the company’s Philippine office is now looking for talents and will soon be accepting applications for positions.

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