Review: Boostcase Hybrid Snap-on Case for iPhone 5


Boostcase is one of the known brands for iPhone 5 accessories.  Most of the products associated with the brand are juice packs or power boosters.  Other Boostcase products offer a combination of features that enhances the usability of the iPhone 5 and protects it at the same time.  The Hybrid Snap-on Case is one such product from Boostcase.

In a nutshell, the product is a combination of a snap-on case that has holes in the back that act as connectors for a detachable stand and a detachable case.  So apart from the snap-on case, the packaging therefore includes a detachable kickstand and a detachable hand strap. The case is even compatible with other Boostcase accessories so if you want to invest on those as well, the Hybrid Snap-on Case is certainly a good investment.  For instance, the snap-on case is compatible with Boostcase’s battery case, rugged case, backpack battery, fold wallet, cross-body clutch wallet and CC holder.


The snap-on case is slim so it does not add too much bulk or thickness to your iPhone 5.  It’s tough and sturdy but the coating is made of soft rubber that functions well as a protective covering for your phone and at the same time, helps in improving the grip on the iPhone 5’s otherwise smooth and slippery finish.  Like most of the iPhone 5 cases in the market, the snap-on design is one that attaches to the sides of the phone, covering the entire back and the left and right sides of the phone.


The camera lens is exposed, as well as the top and bottom parts of the phone.   If you’re too scared to nick your phone in these areas, a bumber would be a better option for you.  Otherwise, the Boostcase snap-on case works well in protecting your iPhone 5.  The design at the back of the case shows lines of holes on the top and the bottom.  Among these holes are four points where the detachable hand strap and kickstand go.  It’s actually a clever idea and reminds me of Lego.


The handstrap adds comfort and ease when you hold your iPhone 5.  It easily connects to the back of the snap-on case and the fit is even adjustable.  The strap is said to be made of genuine grosgrain soft-stretch material. From my use, the strap proved to be super stretchy.  The handstrap is ideal for people who hold their iPhone 5’s for extended periods.   Hence, with the detachable handstrap, playing a games or videos for long periods of time while holding the phone will not result in unnecessary drops.  Personally, I don’t need a strap as I find it a rather unnecessary feature since I don’t hold my phone for long periods of time.  But for those who do, the handstrap is a welcome feature.


The kickstand is something most people need for the iPhone 5.  Handstraps can be rather tiring and uncomfortable to use and this is where a kickstand is most welcome.  Watching videos or viewing photos on the iPhone 5 is comfortable with the phone upright and with something steady supporting it.  The kickstand on the Boostcase Hybrid Snap-on Case is a very useful feature.  Like the handstrap, it attaches to one of the holes in the back of the snap-on case.  There are four points to choose from so you can choose the viewing angle you need.  Most iPhone cases with kickstand have the kickstand element permanently attached to the case.  This unnecessarily adds bulk to the phone.  What makes the Boostcase good is that the kickstand element is removable.  You simply attach it when you need a stand, you remove it when you don’t need one.


Overall, the Boostcase Hybrin Snap-on Case is a worthy purchase.  It’s like buying three types of iPhone 5 cases for the price of one.  You get the snap-on case which can stand on its own as a capable protective case.  Of course you also get a detachable handstrap and a detachable kickstand.   The build is good, the finish is premium.  You’ll therefore get your money’s worth when you purchase this product.  If there’s any gripe I have about this case, it’s the fact that the snap-on case hugs the iPhone 5 a little tighter than what I would prefer.   For some a tighter fit means a better protection but sometimes, it’s simply hard to remove the case, especially if you’re someone who likes swapping cases all the time.

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