Razer Gamepad for iPhone 5/5s Codenamed ‘Kazuyo’ Leaked

Razer, the computer peripherals brand, is apparently working on a gamepad for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.  The gamepad is codenamed ‘Kazuyo’ and is expected launch very soon.  The name will likely change at launch as Kazuyo is rumored to be only a code for now.  The Razer gamepad is picture below courtesy of the prolific leak source @evleaks.

Razer Kazuyo Gamepad


From the photos above, the Razer Kazuyo gamepad appears well-design, although it extends the iPhone sideways where the controls are located.  There appears to be an enclosure for the iPhone and the enclosure then goes on top of the rig.  This is a clever execution since the phone can stay on this enclosure if the user is not playing a game.  In other words, the enclosure probably doubles as a case for the iPhone 5/5s.

Apple included gamepad support on iOS 7 so manufacturers are in a race to make the perfect gamepad for mobile gamers. So far there’s the MOGA Ace Power gamepad and the Logitech PowerShell.   The Ace Power features a joystick but it remains to be seen if it will have some use in the future.

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