Case Mate Tough for iPhone 5 Review

iPhones are prone to scratches and bumps and the most damage prone so far is the iPhone 5.  A tough case is a good solution for those who want to keep their iPhones pristine and in good condition.  One of the touch cases I had the chance to own recently is the Case Mate Tough.  It’s a two-piece case composed of a hard outer shell and a soft inner bumper.


In terms of looks, the Case Mate Tough is rather simple looking.  No bright highlights or accents, just black color all over.  The hard case has a textured matte exterior, offering good grip while managing to look good at the same time.  It’s impact resistant according to Case Mate and is made of polycarbonate shell.   The inner band is soft yet it feels strong and durable, offering sufficient cushion in case of bumps or drops.

I had the chance to use tough cases from other brands and I found them to be too bulky and too thick so they’re frustrating to use.  With the Case mate Tough, I never had this problem.  The reason is that this tough case is way slimmer than those offered by other brands.


In terms of protection, the Case Mate Tough does not compromise.  It covers practically all parts of the iPhone 5, exposing only those that are needed like the charging port, the headphone jack, the speaker grilles, and the rear camera.  Even the surface of the screen is protected from contact since the Case Mate Tough has a lay-flat design which protrudes a bit on the edges.


In actual use, the Case Mate Tough for iPhone 5 is comfortable to use.  The rugged, textured finish offers easy and secure grip.  The toughness is something that I have proven as I accidentally dropped my iPhone on a hard surface.  The Case Mate Tough delivered, protecting my phone effectively.


My only complaint about the Case Mate Tough is that the power button needs to be pressed a little harder than what I believe is necessary.  The thick rubber I understand is needed for great protection but it could have been made softer on the power button area.  Other than this small complaint, the Case Mate Tough is comfortable to use.  If you need a case that will protect your iPhone 5 but still manage to be thin, the Case Mate Tough is worth checking out.

The Case Mate Touch is priced at P1,995.

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