Tests Say Samsung Galaxy S4 is Fastest Phone and Has Best Battery Life

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Among the current crop of phones, which one is considered the best?  If you ask people you’ll get varied opinions but in terms of raw performance and battery life, only actual tests will tell us a more objective answer.

UK consumer search company Which? Conducted tests pitting today’s best phones and the one that came on top, both on the speed test and the battery test is the Samsung Galaxy S4.  For the speed test, Which? Used Geekbench 2 which is the industry standard when it comes to measurement of a device’s speed.

Speed Test


The speed test drew the following scores from the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Z10 and Apple iPhone 5.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 – 3188
  2. HTC One – 2798
  3. Sony Xperia Z – 2173
  4. Google Nexus 4 – 2134
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – 1950
  6. BlackBerry Z10 – 1698
  7. Apple iPhone 5 16GB – 1664

The fastest phone is the Galaxy S4 and the slowest in the bunch is the iPhone 5.   Geekbench 2 measures processor and memory performance across smartphone platforms to provide a standard speed rating. A phone with a high Geekbench 2 score is expected to do great on multi-tasking and running graphically intensive apps.

Battery Test


For the battery test, which found out that the smartphone with the best battery life is the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Tests were conducted to determine which handset has the best battery life in terms of call times and internet use and the Galaxy S4, despite having the best speed performance, topped the battery test.  In call times the Sony Xperia Z came in next, followed by the Google Nexus 4 and then the HTC One.  In terms of internet use, the HTC One came in second, followed by the BlackBerry Z10 and then the Sony Xperia Z. The iPhone 5 was however the best when it comes to charging minutes.

Check out this table for the complete result.


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