Review: Thinksound TS01 10mm In-Ear Headphones

Thinksound is one of the fairly unknown audio brands in the market, although it’s quite known among audiophiles.  The brand distinguishes itself for being eco-friendly, although it’s hard to imagine how an electronics product like a set of headphones can be good for the environment. Thinksound’s products are made of real wood and the materials are taken from renewable sources.  Even the packaging is eco-friendly as they are reportedly made from recycled, bleach-free materials.  Being made of wooden materials, Thinksound’s earbud headphones provides a quite distinctive sound compared to other headphones in the market.

In this review, the product featured is the Thinksound TS01 10mm in-ear headphones.  Read the rest of the review to find out if it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Thinksound TS01 – Design and Packaging

The packaging for the Thinksound TS01 is rather simple.  The box is too plain and is far from being attractive. This is understandable since to achieve the goal of being eco-friendly, Thinksoud had to use the fewest materials possible.  What matters, in any event, is headphones itself and the performance it is capable of delivering.


Opening the packaging reveals the headphones itself, a cloth-made carrying pouch, silicon ear inserts and a pair of ear hooks.


The Thinksound TS01 has a wooden housing and the finish does not hide this fact. The ear buds are made of a combination of brown wood plastic materials. The cable, on the other hand, is PVC-free so it’s tangle-free, although it’s all straight and does not have a spring-type part.  The 3.5mm plug is gold-plated, which is good for sound quality.   There’s a removable clip which can be handy when you want to clip the headphones to your shirt.

Thinksound TS01 – Comfort and Sound Performance

With in-ear monitors like the Thinksound TS01, comfort mainly boils down to the size of the silicone ear inserts.  The ones that come with the Thinksound TS01 are quite right for the Filipino ear, they being generally small.  There are four sets of ear inserts all in all so there’s a perfect fit for almost every ear size. When worn, the Thinksound TS01 feels comfortable.  I had no issues with the fit of the earbuds at all.  I have tried using foam ear inserts like the ones used on the Branwavz Beta and the Westone 2.  Foam inserts are more comfortable but overtime they tend to get deformed.  I still like the plastic inserts, but they should be as soft as the ones on the Thinksound TS01.  On headphones like the Aiaiai Pipe, for instance, the ear inserts are quite hard and therefore tend to get uncomfortable over long periods of use.


In terms of performance, the Thinksound TS01 delivers and it delivers rather well. For something that has a wooded housing, this set of headphones produces crisp and detailed sound.  Maybe the wooden material contributes to the good audio performance, or maybe it’s the 10mm driver.  Whatever the reason, the Thinksound TS01 is one of the best sounding in-ear headphones I’ve had the chance to use.


The Thinksound TS01 is able to provide deatailed highs, balanced mids and powerful lows.  If there’s one distinctive feature of the Thinksound TS01, it’s the powerful yet warm bass.  It’s therefore a delight to use the Thinksound TS01 on bass-heavy music like dance, R&B or rap.  It’s actually versatile as it also sounds good on rock and alternative music.  The sound isolation on the Thinksound TS01 is good, so is the soundstage.  It’s not perfect, but for the price range, the Thinksound TS01 is already quite impressive.

For the price of P3,750, I would not hesitate to recommend the Thinksound TS01.   You can buy the Thinksound TS01 from Astroplus, Astrovision, Egghead and Quicksound.

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