LG Optimus G2 Photos Leaked (Now with Video)

LG’s current flagships, the Optimus G and Optimus G Pro, may have a successor very soon.  Purported images of the upcoming device have been leaked online.  The Optimus G proved to be a beast of a device and the LG Optimus G2 should be no different.  The leaked photos are actually shots of a promo video for the Optimus G2 and from the looks of it, the upcoming device has a different design from the Optimus G.  The Optimus G2 looks much thinner but it is going in the direction of the Samsung Galaxy S4 since the device has a more curved design whereas the original Optimus G was more boxy.

Here are the leaked photos of the LG Optimus G2.  You decide if it looks like the Galaxy S4 or not.



Form the leaked photos above, what’s notable is the absence of a physical button in front of the device.  Also, the camera lens at the back of the device appears to have touch-operated volume controls. This is a new feature in a smartphone and is actually clever if you think about it.  When on a call it’s easier to adjust volume when the controls are at the back instead of the side of the phone.  It’s also noticeable that the device is simply referred to as LG G2, not Optimus G2.  There may be changes until the actual thing is unveiled and we may even see a different looking handset at launch.  This is just a rumor up to this point so take it with a grain of salt.

UPDATE:  There is now a video extensively featuring the LG Optimus G2.  The video shows a device that is consistent with the photos shown above, including the touch surface on the camera panel.  It does not have a glossy back cover, however, but instead it features a less shiny finish.  Here is that video featuring the LG Optimus G2.

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