Tiny Thief Game Now Available for Download on iOS and Android

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Rovio has a new game called Tiny Thief. 

If you’re thinking it’s another Angry Birds-based game, you’re mistaken.  This game, thankfully, is different from Angry Birds, or Bad Piggies for that matter.  It’s a game that proves Rovio is capable of coming up with something that’s not a sequel or a spin-off of the once popular Angry Birds.


Tiny Thief has a different gameplay.  There’s no slingshot involved and there’s also no throwing birds to hit some pigs.  Tiny Thief is one of those point-and-click games so that means playing this requires gamers to point and tap at an object to elicit interaction.  So what’s the story of Tiny Thief about?  It’s about the quest of one character to battle greed, corruption and injustice using cunning and trickery to out-smart opponents.  That may have sounded serious but the game actually incorporates some humor.  The game has six medieval adventures so players will have a lot in their hands before they can say they’re done with the game.  In the course of the game, the character will battle enemies like pirates and robots, but most of the time, it will require players to solve puzzles.  There will also be surprises along the way that include hidden treasures.

Here is a promo video for Tiny Thief if you want to learn more about the game.


The game certainly looks interesting but unfortunately, Tiny Thief is not for free.  You need to pay $2.99 if you want to play the game.  For download links, click on the sources below.

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