Google’s Eric Schmidt Spotted Using Moto X Android Phone

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Motorola and Google are yet to launch the Moto X Android phone but we may not have to wait that long to see the device as Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was photographed using what is likely the Moto X phone.   The Moto X has been teased by Motorola and what have been confirmed so far is that it will be highly customizable and that it will be assembled in the U.S.A.

The phone shown on the photos has a curved back, is thin on the sides and bulges towards the center.   It’s possible that the bulge is where the camera lens is or it’s part of the design that makes it possible for the phone to be as customizable as it claims it will be.  Right now almost all sorts of material for the backplate will reportedly be available for the Moto X.  It’s said that users can choose from materials like plastic, metal, wood, ceramic and fabric.


The phone used by Eric Schmidt has a textured back finish and shows the headphone jack on top and a flash, a speaker and the Motorola logo near the camera lens.  The front of the phone is an all black affair.

The phone does not look like the upcoming Droid models from Motorola so it’s almost widely regarded as the Moto X.  Unlike Apple, Google is not so secretive about its products so it’s really possible that what was seen in the hands of Mr. Schmidt is the Moto X.  I’ve never particularly like previous Motorola models but this one looks like a winner.  And this one finally looks like it’s a Google product.

Nothing is known yet about the hardware specs of the Moto X.  Let’s just hope the phone lives up to the hype.  And let’s also hope it’s priced attractively.

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