Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G500s is an update of the Logitech G500 gaming mouse.  The previous version is fine by itself but the update has gotten a paint job and a few improvements in terms of features.  Is the Logitech G500s a good gaming mouse?  Find out by reading the rest of the review.

Logitech G500s – Design

The Logitech G500s gaming mouse is arguably one of the coolest looking gaming mice around.  It is mainly black but it has gray and silver prints on the surface that make it one of the most attractive peripherals for gaming fans.   The print is not the only cool thing about the Logitech G500s.  The coating of the Logitech G500s has in fact been improved for better handling.  It’s quite soft and smooth on the top but on the right side where your thumb and will rest and on the left where your ring finger and pinky will rest, the coating is optimized to generate a little friction and also designed to stay dry even during extended game play.

Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse 1

The shape of the Logitech G500s is also fantastic but it’s not by chance, it’s made to make the gaming experience as comfortable as any gamer can hope.   It extensively curves on the side and spreads a bit on the bottom for a steadier and a more stable surface grip.


The Logitech G500s is not small and since it’s wired, and therefore not meant for mobile use, the size is just fine.  For small-handed gamers, it will get a bit of familiarization to get them settled with the size but for those with fairly big hands, the Logitech G500s is highly comfortable and extremely ergonomic.


The Logitech G500s uses a braided 7-foot USB cord that is wrapped in low-friction material.

Logitech G500s – Features

The Logitech G500s gaming mouse has every gamer’s wish in mind so it made mouse customizeable and highly adjustable.  It has an on-the-fly adjustable DPI that ranges from 200 to 8200.  That’s simply a lot of DPI settings to choose from.  Switching between DPI modes is easy using the “+” and “-“ buttons on the upper left side of the mouse.

It also has a dual-mode scroll wheel that offers two modes, namely, hyper fast and click-to-click.  There is a toggle button below the scroll wheel that switches the modes from the two options.  There are also forward and back buttons on the left side that flips between web pages and another button below these two that can be customized using Logitech’s downloadable software.   The gaming feet, on the other hand, is made of polytetrafluoroethylene material that results in as smooth glide when the mouse is in use.


The most interesting feature of the Logitech G500s is the weight-tuning cartridge.  Gamers sometimes wish they can control the weight and balance of their gaming mouse and the use of a cartridge is actually a really nifty feature of the Logitech G500s.



A cartridge is actually lodged inside the mouse that is released through a release button at the bottom of the mouse and ejects automatically.  The cartridge has slots in it and the user can put weight inserts as needed and position them according to the balance that he needs.  There are a total of six 4.5g weights and six 1.7g weights that come with the package.

Logitech G500s – Performance

The Logitech G500s is an ultimate gaming mouse and a dream for gaming enthusiasts.  It has a consistent tracking and it’s very comfortable to use.   It also has the important features any gamer wishes to have in a gaming mouse. The highly adjustable DPI settings is very useful during game play and I like how the scroll wheel can be easily switched from hyper scroll to click-by-click.


For DPI settings, there is actually an LED display that shows the user which DPI setting is currently in use.   The weight adjustment through the weight-tuning cartridge also comes in handy when you want to adjust the weight of the mouse for a better grip and a more stable mouse action.

Wrap Up

The Logitech G500s gaming mouse is a feature-packed gaming mouse, one that gamers, especially those who love FPS games, would love.  For the price of Php2,967, the Logitech G500s is actually cheaper compared to other similarly featured gaming mice in the market.  The highly customizable and highly adjustable nature of the Logitech G500s gets it ahead of the other gaming mice and I would of course recommend this without a doubt.

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