iPhone 5C and iPad 5 Shells Leaked in Videos

Rumor has it that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone 5 which, according to sources, will be called the iPhone 5C where “C” is supposed to stand for “Cheap”.  The iPhone 5C will be a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 and as such, it will also feature cheaper materials which notably include a plastic housing.  It will pack a 4-inch display just like the iPhone 5 so in practical terms, the iPhone 5C is going to be a cheap version of the iPhone 5.


Nothing is definite as to the leaked details of the iPhone 5C and even the name is not confirmed.  However, as to the appearance, we have had previous leaks about the iPhone 5C and the latest is the video shown below featuring the shell of the device.  What’s shown are the plastic back plate and the front glass structure of the iPhone 5C.

Here goes the video.


Another leaked video involves the shell of the upcoming iPad 5 or 5th generation iPad.  The new iPad will reportedly feature the same design as the iPad mini, that is, with slimmer bezels on the side and with the same accents and location of ports.  The iPad 5 will also be slimmer compared to the iPad 4.  Again, nothing is confirmed at this point but if you are curious what the iPad 5 is supposed to look like, here is that video showing the shell of the tablet.

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