iOS 7 Now Available for Download on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Apple’s newest and brightest OS is finally available for download.  iOS 7 is now publicly available after Apple made it exclusive only to developers for a time.  The newest OS is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  It’s the default OS on the newly announced iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.  On the tablet front, iOS 7 is compatible with the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.  For iPod users, iOS 7 will only work with the iPod 5.

To enable the download, you can get the update on your device by going to Settings then choosing General and finally clicking on Software Update option.  You may also get the iOS 7 update by launching iTunes on your desktop.  If you go this route, though, you will be prompted to download iTunes 11.1 which is a new version and a requirement before you can update to iOS 7.  The update process may not be smooth sailing at this point since Apple’s servers are handling too much load, from updates if I may guess.


I am done with the update on my iPhone 5 but it was not trouble free.  I used iTunes but when I downloaded version 11.1, I was forced to repeat the process and restart my laptop because it somehow couldn’t push through at first.  Then I downloaded the iOS 7 update which is a little over 700MB in size.  When the phone was finally updating, I encountered an error and I had to reset the phone to its factory settings.  Good thing I backed up my iPhone before starting the update process.  Then iTunes couldn’t seem to connect to the iTunes Store which it apparently needs to do to activate the phone.  A few restarts later, iTunes finally connected to the iTunes Store.  I simply restored the backup on my iTunes and thankfully everything including contacts, photos, messages and apps are back on my phone again.

My first impressions about iOS 7 are good.  It’s a radical departure from iOS 6 and it’s something refreshing and exciting.  There’s a use of bright colors and a lot of animations on transitions but the overall feel is positive.  There are also a lot of new features and functionalities that Apple baked into the new OS and I am excited to test them out soon.  iOS 7 has iTunes Radio, AirDrop sharing, Control Center, and improved card-style multitasking.

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