It’s time for another giveaway.  I will be raffling off a newKube MP3 Player, a good-sounding diminutive cube-shaped audio device.  If you want to know more about the prize, read my newKube review.  One lucky winner will be getting the newKube.


For the newKube giveaway, here are the mandatory tasks:

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  • Like @technobaboy page on Facebook (1 entry)
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Now here are the optional tasks:

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These tasks are all incorporated in the Rafflecopter widget.  You need to log in to join.  The giveaway runs from today until October 26, 2013.  Here are the rules for this giveaway:

  • Only Philippine residents may join.
  • The winner will be notified via email.
  • The winner must acknowledge within 3 days, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.
  • The prize will be shipped to the winner’s address.

Good luck guys!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. FrancisFalucho Reply

    I wish to win!
    Love listening music! It will made my day

  2. DanaBionaDelaCruz Reply

    Amazing! XD 
    The smallest mp3 in the world
    I love to have that NewKube MP3 Player :))

  3. Wishing, Hoping, & Praying that I’ll win this New Kube mp3 player. =)

  4. Niiiieeeel Reply

    I will be the winner :) (Trying Hard) Whooo ! Sana Talaga manalo ako !!

  5. kuletzkie_67 Reply

    hoping to win this awesome player!:D thanks for the giveaway!:)

  6. archangelabby Reply

    would love to have this as a gift for finishing first semester <3

  7. Donnah Oporto Reply

    it’s nice to have this as an early christmas gift@technobaboy :D

  8. diana_beatima Reply

    Hoping to win this for my son! Newkube is so cool! it’s lite and good for traveling or as everyday use!

  9. MarleneRiveraYanga Reply

    I want this good-sounding diminutive cube-shaped audio device.

  10. LloydPartoza Reply

    Hoping to win something from TechnoBaboy! ..Merry Christmas in advance ^_^

  11. I want to win and give it to my papa for his birthday! He really loves music :)

  12. AriostoDelaCruz Reply

    This mp3 would be very helpful to me when i’m on work out :D

  13. I’d really love to own one and listen my fave songs in it. =)

  14. MarizDomingo Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a newKube MP3 player! Hope to win! :)

  15. Norwin Detalla Reply

    Na follow na ako… I hope manalo… First time to join…hehe

  16. KristianReyJalagat Reply

    Sana manalo. Maganda ito for jogging or going to the gym

  17. Joined! Thanks, not wishing to win but it’s nice to enter a contest or two! hehe

  18. ricarodriguez21 Reply

    Joined! Thanks for this generous giveaway!GOD bless your blog :D

  19. NyracSelarom Reply

    joining.. hope to win for my hubby.. mahilig sa music un eh.. para nadin he can listen to his fave beatles song all day..

  20. ElinorSemira Reply

    Hope i win! I need it while waiting for my little sweetie in school. Nakakabored dun eh. ^^

  21. itsmeHentai Reply

    I’ve been reading blogs and notice that they raffle this KUBE it’s hype :) and wanna win this time to try the player :)

  22. MarioEstranero Reply

    I read good reviews about this one and the battery lasts up to 6 hours? Whaaa….handy and so cool!

  23. VonErickdelRosario Reply

    This is so cute and amazing at the same time. 
    Rafflecop’s gotta pick me, man you gotta pick me. lol
    What a Great device!

  24. Never thought such a small cube will pack up such sound from your reviews

  25. Small mp3 Player from NewKube with a big features.!! I Hope i win, i really want this device.

  26. BernadetteZareno Balino Reply

    Hope to win! I really wanted to have this smallest MP3 from NewKube

  27. AngeloMichaelClemente Reply

    Music is part of my life. I always listen to music everytime I travel so hope I’m the lucky one. :)

  28. I’m a music lover and don’t have a portable music player. Hope to win this cute MP3 player. :D

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