Viral: Anderson Cooper Responds to Korina Sanchez

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The tiff between CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Philippine newscaster Korina Sanchez, wife of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, has gone viral.  Netizens have varying opinions on the issue, which came about after Korina Sanchez, in a radio show, said “Itong si Anderson Cooper, sabi wala daw government presence sa Tacloban. Mukhang hindi niya alam ang sinasabi niya. (This Anderson Cooper, he said there is no government presence in Tacloban. It seems he doesn’t know what he is saying.)

Anderson Cooper was quoted to have said this on his report:

You would expect perhaps to see a feeding center that had been set up 5 days after the storm. We haven’t seen that, certainly not in this area. Some food is being brought to people here at the airport, some water being distributed but these are very, very difficult conditions for the people here on the ground and it’s not clear how much longer it can continue like this. Something’s got to give.

He also tweeted about the conditions in Tacloban, clearly airing his disappointment at the efforts of the government.  He said:

There is no real evidence of organized recovery or relief. It is demolition, not a construction job here. I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here. The search and rescue never materialized.

Netizens appear to have sided with Anderson Cooper on the issue, and with reason since he was the one on ground zero and have seen firsthand what was happening in Tacloban City.  People pointed out the fact that Korina Sanchez is the wife of Mar Roxas as the possible reason why she made such comments about Anderson Cooper.


Anderson Cooper is apparently aware of what Korina Sanchez said on her radio show as he himself answered the allegations, saying that Korina Sanchez misunderstood what he said, and that he is amazed at the strength of the Filipino people in the face of a devastating calamity like typoon Yolanda. Anderson Cooper urged Korina Sanchez to go to Tacloban saying:

I urge her to go there (Tacloban). I’m sure she has the means as she’s the wife of the Interior Secretary. Her husband’s a politician, I’m sure he can arrange her a flight.

Here is the statement from Anderson Cooper.


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